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Profile Cycles’ Smoothed Out Softy

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Nice and clean.

Jimmy Todorovitch started building custom bikes as a hobby about 12 years ago. Today it has become much more than that, it’s an obsession, something he feels compelled to do. He started like many guys in his garage and has since won numerous awards, including his class in the 2010 International Master Bike Builder competition in Sturgis. Gaining more and more recognition, Jimmy decided to turn bike building into a real business identifying himself/his bikes under the name Profile Cycles. About a year ago, Quaid Harley-Davidson in Loma Linda, California, picked him up as its service advisor and to help them get more into the custom world.

Jimmy’s first build way back when was a bike he picked up and decided to change up a bit. Once his friends saw what he did they started asking him to customize their bikes. He had a knack for changing stuff up and enjoyed making things better. At any given time Jimmy has anywhere from two to eight custom projects he is working on from his garage.

This bike is Jimmy’s personal ride and was once a bone-stock ’09 Deluxe. He picked it up new, rode it home and took it apart. What you see in these pics is actually the second version of this bike. When he first brought it home he took it all apart and blacked everything out and put spoke wheels on it.

Then one night Jimmy got bored working on the customer bikes he had at the time and decided to tear his ride down to the frame. He wanted to do something a little bit different but still keep the bike really clean and rideable since it’s his main bike. “I had an idea, so I started taking parts off, then some more, and before I knew it, it was late into the night, more like early morning and I was pretty much down to the frame, and well at that point, committed to my idea,” explains Jimmy.

_“I had an idea, so I started taking parts off, then some more, and before I knew it, it was late into the night, more like early morning, and I was pretty much down to the frame, and well at that point, committed to my idea.”


Over the next few weeks Jimmy ordered parts and contacted some of his friends in the industry, Wendell over at Rampage Wheels, Seth at Aggressive Designs, and Rich at Bitch’n Seat Co. He wanted to build a badass bike that would turn heads and be recognized for the detail, design, and profile, hence the name Profile Cycles.

One of the coolest features on the bike is the 23-inch front rim that Jimmy made way for by removing the front fender rivets and welding them smooth so he could install a custom mount that would raise the fender to clear the rim. The rear fender was also smooth and lowered 1 inch, and the rear fender struts were shortened and smoothed.

At the top of the bike Jimmy used a modified RWD dash and installed an internal throttle and hydraulic clutch so that all the lines could be hidden in the custom ape handlebars he made. The seat was custom-made by Rich from Bitch’n Seat Co. and is comprised of Italian leather with a sting-ray inlay.

To bump up the engine a bit Jimmy added S&S; 510 cams, a Power Commander V programmer, a high-flow intake, and a Thunder Header exhaust. He also added a 2-inch BDL beltdrive to the drivetrain. On the dyno the bike puts out a reliable 93 hp and 100 lb-ft of torque. As for the suspension, Jimmy swapped the front lower legs with 1-inch-under Arlen Ness billet legs and a Progressive lowering kit with custom dampening rods. Out back he installed a Shot Gun air ride rear suspension.

The most challenging part of the build for Jimmy was getting it done in a timely manner without getting sidetracked by other projects. Remember, it’s his daily rider. It was also important for him to come up with the right combination of parts and design, so everything was thought out before it was done. In the end Jimmy built himself a smoothed-out custom H-D that hardly gets recognized as the stock Deluxe it once was. HB

### Specifications
Bike Owner Jimmy Todorovitch
**Shop Name ** Profile Cycles
**Shop Phone ** (909) 770-2048
Shop Website [email protected]on.Net
Year/Make/Model ’09/H-D/Deluxe
Fabrication Jimmy Todorovitch
Assembly Jimmy Todorovitch
Build Time Two Months
### Engine
Year/Manufacturer ’09 H-D
Type/Size Twin Cam/96ci
Builder H-D
Cases H-D
**Cylinders ** H-D
**Heads ** H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
EFI H-D/Power Commander
Air Cleaner Roland Sands Design
**Exhaust ** Thunder Header
### Transmission
Year/Manufacturer/Type ’09/H-D/Six-Speed
**Case ** H-D
**Clutch ** Hydraulic/PM
Primary Drive 2-Inch BDL
### Frame
Year/Manufacturer ’09/H-D/Softail
Rake Stock
**Stretch ** Stock
### Suspension
**Manufacturer Front ** Arlen Ness
**Lengths ** Lowered 3 Inches
Triple Trees H-D
**Manufacturer Rear ** Shot Gun Air Ride
**Swingarm ** H-D/Smoothed
### Wheels, Tires, And Brakes
**Manufacturer Front/Type ** Rampage Wheels/Orion
Size-Height/Width 23x3.5
Tire/Size Avon/130/60-23
**Caliper ** Pm Six-PiSton
**Rotor ** 13-Inch Rampage
Manufacturer Rear/Type Rampage Wheels/Orion
Size-Height/Width 18x4
Tire/Size Metzeler/150/70-18
**Caliper ** Pm Four-Piston
**Rotor ** Rampage
### Finish/Paint
**Color ** Black Pearl
**Painter ** Aggressive Designs
**Graphics ** Real Gold Leaf With Candy Orange
### Accessories
Front Fender Owner
Rear Fender H-D/Owner
Fender Struts H-D/Owner
Gas Tank & Cap H-D With Flush Led Gas Caps/Rwd Dash
Oil Tank H-D
**Handlebars ** Owner
**Risers ** H-D
**Hand Controls ** PM
Foot Controls H-D/Owner Drilled Design
**Footpegs ** H-D/Owner Drilled Design
Headlight H-D
**Taillight ** Lazer Star
License Mount Roland Sands
**Seat ** Bitch’n Seat Co.
## [email protected]