Quick Look | Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide

Quick Look | Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide - Hot Bike Magazine

Just the Facts

Engine 110ci Twin Cam (4 inch bore x 4.38 inch stroke) Trans Six-Speed Cruise Drive Front Brake Four-piston caliper/ Dual floating rotors, ABS Rear Four-piston caliper/Single fixed rotor, ABS Front Wheel 19x3.5 Contrast Chrome Agitator Rear Wheel 18x5 Contrast Chrome Agitator Fuel Capacity Six gallons MSRP $30,699

You know that feeling you get when you’re speeding (literally) along and you catch a glimpse of that familiar black-and-white color combination out of the corner of your eye? Instantly a sequence of actions takes place; heart-rate jumps, stomach drops, hand lets off the throttle, brakes are applied, and you nonchalantly try to check your rearview mirror as you think to yourself, “Was that a cop? Did he see me?” That’s exactly the reaction we expected others were experiencing as we pulled up behind and eventually blew past them aboard Harley’s black and white 2012 CVO Road Glide. All we need is the CVO RG in White Gold/Pearl Starfire Black with Real Smoke graphics, some bull horns, flashing lights, Remington 870s, and some Aviator shades, and we could be CHiPs 2.0. Obviously Jordan would be John and I would be Paunch.

Drop That Bass

With the high-output amplified audio system blaring 100 watts per channel (200 total) and featuring two-way, 5x7-inch fairing-mount speakers and 2-inch fairing-mount tweeters, you’ll definitely be disturbing the peace.

Stealth Mode

The CVO RG is outfitted with all sorts of black goodies such as the 110ci powdercoated engine, heavy breather intake cover, new Wind Splitter windscreen, muffler tips, and fork bells to help you blend in when sneaking around at night. However with H-D’s claimed 122 lb-ft of torque at your wrist, it might be hard to stay undercover.

Not so Black and White

If playing cops and robbers isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Harley offers the CVO RG in two other color options that are equally as wordy as the black-and-white paint scheme. Also available is the Maple Metallic/Vivid Black with Real Smoke Graphics and the Candy Cobalt/Twilight Blue with Real Smoke graphics paint options.

Look but Don’t Touch

Sit back and enjoy as you watch admirers ooh-and-aah over CVO accouterments like extended saddlebags, low-profile fuel tank console with illuminated CVO graphic, brushed-nickel skull medallions, Agitator Custom wheels, and custom touring seat and matching pillion with color-coordinated diamond-pattern stitching.