Pickard USA new 9 degree Bagger triple tree kit

Pickard USA – 9 degree raked bagger trees for 26” wheels. Pickard USA has completely re-engineered the 9 degree raked bagger tree to simplify the adjustment and installation process. The new design eliminates a lot of the common headaches found on the standard 9 degree tree - the adjustment nut is located on the bottom tree allowing for “on the fly” adjustment of the front end without removing the fairing. The bottom tree features a true pinch style clamp to secure the fork tubes, which makes installation and removal simple and easy. The tree kit comes complete with a new bearing, dust shield, neck stem, all mounting hardware and fork tube extensions. These trees do require frame modification for proper trail and are designed for 26” wheels. Available in black anodize or raw aluminum finish. Visit www.pickardusa.com or call 972-231-1298 for more info.