Multiple Personalities/Custom Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail

There are many types of motorcycles out there; some are built for comfort, some for speed, and some for show. Alfred Flores couldn’t decide which bike to build so his vision was a mix of all three. He wanted to stand out without going all out, so he took his ideas and his ’96 Heritage Softail to a local shop called LA Baggers to make his vision come to life.

To get the look he wanted, Flores and the crew at LA Baggers used a 21-inch tire up front, laced to a Fat Daddy 52-spoke chrome rim. They installed 18-inch Carlini Ganster Apes with Arlen Ness grips, stretched the tank and lowered the front suspension by one inch. Alfred’s vision included plenty of power on tap, so they bumped up the engine from 80cc to 88cc and installed a six-speed transmission to accommodate the long distance, high-speed travel encountered on L.A. freeways.

This is one hot bagger and stoplight-to-stoplight, most people will get a great look at those fishtails ... from behind!

The punched-out engine included being topped by new cylinder heads and rocker boxes. A Blackmire cam provides extra lift while a Mikuni throttle body carburetor serves up the fuel after gulping air via an Arlen Ness air cleaner and a K&N filter. Not one to go quietly, Alfred announces his arrival or departure byway of a Freedom header with custom 42-inch pipes, producing just the right sound. This is one hot bagger and stoplight-to-stoplight, most people will get a great look at those fishtails ... from behind!

Flores left the front fender stock but the rear fender is stretched 71⁄2 inches. Platinum Air Ride rear shocks were fitted for comfort during those long days in the saddle here in the land of endless summer. The dash, gauges, and mirrors are stock H-D, but all of the controls are Arlen Ness. The taillight and turn signals are from Custom Dynamics and they give the bike the smooth look that Alfred was after. The bike was then given a fresh coat of Brandy Wine Candy Paint by LA Baggers to catch everyone’s eye. To top it off, he added a custom crocodile-skin seat that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Alfred Flores and the guys at LA Baggers proved that you can have a show-stopping, eye-candy bike that is comfortable enough to ride as a daily driver, yet is capable of delivering the adrenaline rush we all crave when we twist the grip hard. This bike shows what a great team can do with the proper vision and with excellent execution, you really can have it all in one bike!

Bike Owner Alfred Flores
Shop La Baggers
Year/Make/Model 1996/Harley-Davidson/Heritage Softail
Fabrication La Baggers
Build Time 1 Year
Year Manufacturer 1996/Evo/88 CI
Builder La Baggers and Neal from Villans
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Carb Mikuni
Air Cleaner Arlen Ness -K&N
Exhaust Freedom Header with custom 42-inch pipes
Year/Manufacturer/Type 1996/Primo Rivera Six-Speed
Clutch Primo Rivera
Primary Drive Chain with valve
Year/Type 1996/Harley Davidson Special Construction
Front Lowered 1 Inch
Triple Trees Carlini
Rear Shocks Platinum Air Ride
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Manufacturer Front/Type 21” Fat Daddy 52 Spoke Chrome
Manufacturer House of Kolor
**Colors* Brandy Wine Candy
Paint/Graphics La Baggers
Plating/Polishing Eddies Chrome & Polishing
Rear Fender KlockWorksRearFenderStretched7-1/2inches
Gas Tank Stretched
Gauges Mooneyes oil pressure
Handlebars Carlini Ganster Apes 18X3.50
Grips Arlen Ness
Hand Controls Arlen Ness
Foot Controls Arlen Ness
Floorboards Arlen Ness
Headlight Nacelle From Harley
Turn Signals Custom Dynamics
Taillight Custom Dynamics
License Mount Klock Works
Seat Crocodile