Mller Welding

Cover Your Eyes

Miller Electric, yeah the same guys that make the blue welders, has just added the Wicked design to its Elite and Digital Elite Series of Arc Armor auto-darkening helmets. The new design reinforces Miller's reputation for offering the most cutting-edge helmet graphics on the market.

Miller held a demo out at its Rancho Cucamonga facility for all us editors where we got to weld, cut and weld with the latest and greatest Miller welders and Plasma cutters. Also on hand were some auto darkening helmets. Let me tell you, if you're used to the snap your head down method of shielding your eyes then hoping your welding hand didn't shift in the process, these auto darkening helmets are the best. No more neck braces and guessing. You can even adjust the tint depending on the type of welding/cutting you are doing.