The Juice is Loose

It's Like a Sippy Cup for Your Motorcycle

Wiring, rewiring or even just trying to clean up the look of your existing wiring set up on a custom or stock bike can be somewhat of a head banger. Electrical work can be very intimidating for people, there are many factors that can go wrong eg: wiring not working properly and not knowing why or where the problem is, bad connection causing spark or worse, fire--and no one likes acquiring the nickname Sparky or Smokey from thier buddies after a bad wiring job.

To help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that can come with wiring up a bike and to make for more room and/or a cleaner look on your custom or stocker, Nash Motorcycle Company has come out with its Juice Bag.

The Juice bag comes with everything you need to wire up a bike and is designed to drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend fussing with wires and cussing your bike, the dog, the neighbor, and just about anyone/anyhing else you can place the blame on for a frustrating electrical job. Plus it hides everything in one clean spot on the side of your bike.

Available in three set ups, the Nashty Ol Bag, Sancho Bag, or Half & Half Bag, each comes with an Etx 14 Deka Battery pumping out 200 cold cranking amps. The battery measures 5 7/8" Long X 3 7/16" Wide X 5 3/4" Long. 3.5 feet of both positive and negative battery cable is included so you can cut it to whatever length is needed. A water proof key start is mounted on the outside of the bag. Water resistant starter relay, circuit breakers, quick disconnect deutsch connector, and high quality water resistant wiring is all mounted inside, along with the battery. The juice bag allows you to wire your headlight, taillight, brake light, ignition system, starter, and all the ground wires for head/tail light. These bags are made of high quality products with everything being right here in the good Ol USA. The Juice Bag is a custom application and additional wiring may be needed. Check out Nash Motorcycles for more info and other cool products.