The Hot Seat | 11 Questions With Kenny Price

Samson’s Godfather of Pipes Talks Shop

**Describe yourself in three words? **

Old time biker.

**Why the motorcycle industry? **

The motorcycle industry is my passion. I cannot think of myself being in any other industry. This is where I fit in life, where I belong, and I hope I have been able to make a positive difference.

What do you see in the industry’s crystal ball?

The crystal ball is very clear to me. The future is that we continue to ride and the industry continues to grow. This is an industry of passion and we love it. When the younger people get involved it inspires me to continue on and helps me keep the wheels turning.

**What is your greatest accomplishment? **

I have had many accomplishments in my life, and I would have to say even though I am a Sturgis Hall of Fame member and have received a Lifetime Achievement Award along with the Award for Excellence in Engineering, my best accomplishment was graduating from Harvard Business School in 2004. People like me don’t get to go to Harvard but it happened and I graduated.

Favorite all-time motorcycle?

My absolute all-time favorite motorcycle was my first Harley I bought back in the summer of 1969, a ’65 Panhead, which I rode all through the ’70s, ’80s, and into the present. I still own that bike and will continue to ride it until the day I die. I feel that bike has helped carved out my path in life and it will always be my favorite.

Who inspires you?

_People in general inspire me on a regular basis. I think all my heroes are either real motorcycle enthusiasts or real war veterans. _

What’s your biggest regret?

I think my biggest regret is getting married too many times to the wrong women. At least I got snipped before the third marriage. Oh my god! What a disaster that would have been if we had a child together!

What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moments were when my children were born. They all inspired me to be a better person.

**Favorite place on Earth? ** _ Without a doubt I have to say my most favorite places are the Black Hills of South Dakota and Maui, Hawaii._

Biggest pet peeve?

I don’t have many pet peeves any longer since I don’t really sweat the small stuff. I think it is a case of mind over matter. If I don’t mind, it doesn’t really matter.

What are you currently working on?

My latest projects are to create more exhausts for our product line. I would also like to get a bike ready to ride to the very most southern tip of South America and to the most northern part of the USA. I am also working on the old ’65 Pan to return it to its most basic form, a true chopper. I still love that bike.