The Hot Seat | 11 Questions with Chuck Frederick

The Renegade Wheels Founding Father Sits in the Hot Seat

The Hot Seat | 11 Questions with Chuck Frederick - Hot Bike Magazine

Describe yourself in three words?
Forward-thinking, convincing, and boundary-pusher.

Why the motorcycle industry?
I work in an industry I enjoy, and I love what I do! I get to ride while earning a living at the same time.

What do you see in the industry’s crystal ball?
Economic times will continue to affect weaker players in the marketplace. Strong, innovative companies will continue to thrive despite the global financial condition.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Growing Renegade Wheels to its market-leading position.

Favorite all-time motorcycle?
Harley-Davidson 2003 Fat Boy, which started Renegade Wheels. My prototype Storm wheels went on that bike.

Who inspires you?
My grandfather was my biggest inspiration; he started out as a Ford Gumball Machine franchisee setting up gumball machines throughout California. These machines only accepted a penny per gumball. His success started one penny at a time. Well, pennies add up. As time went on, he ended up a millionaire!

What’s your biggest regret?
Why have regrets over life’s lessons?

What is your proudest moment?
My beautiful and kind daughter, Julia. She’s 13 years old, going on 20. She’s a young woman now, and she’s as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. You can have a good job/business, etc., but nothing comes close to having a wonderful daughter.

Favorite place on Earth?
Beaches of Hawaii, I love the excitement of Oahu, especially Waikiki Beach. Nobody goes to Oahu, I do. I also really love Australia; in fact I’m going to the Gold Coast next month for business! Lastly, I love The Rib Trader in Orange, California. It has the best beef ribs in the country.

Biggest pet peeve(s)?
Incompetent people, stupid drivers, and broken promises.

What are you currently working on?
Streamlining product manufacturing, reducing costs and lead times. And a new poker table…

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