HOT BIKE Best of 2014 / Production Bagger

The Victory Motorcycles Magnum is the one

From its debut test ride and over the 2,000-plus miles we put on a Victory Motorcycles Magnum over the course of this summer, we found this bike to be a great all-around bagger. The Victory "future retro" design of the bike and its paint scheme are even growing on us.

We found the Magnum to be a great all-around bagger

A few things we liked straight away were the 21-inch wheel, inverted front end, and dual ABS disc brakes up front, which make the Magnum gobble up even the most unruly of roads. Also, Victory's powerful Freedom 106 motor cranks out a beefy 106 foot-pounds of torque, making this machine move out aggressively when the throttle is tugged.

The Magnum also has an easy-to-straddle 26.3-inch seat height, which we found very comfortable in stop-and-go traffic situations. Other standouts of this bagged bike are a 100-watt stereo, cruise control, a butter-smooth six-speed transmission, and a slammed (well, an inch lower) rear end.

Engine Type AIR/OIL, 4-STROKE 50° V-TWIN
Transmission 6 Speed
Wheels 21 X 3.5 in. FRONT,16 X 5.0 in. rear
Tires 120/70R21 DUNLOP ELITE 3 Front, 1180/60R16 DUNLOP ELITE 3 Rear
Fuel Capacity 5.8 gal.
MSRP $21,199

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