Hog Quilt Looking For A Loving Home

A drawing got David "Dave" Meier a Harley-Davidson quilt. Now he’s looking for a home for it. Meier, who owns a metal fabrication shop in Dayton, Ohio, is not a “hog” lover (as the motorcycle is affectionately called). And though he can make a goodly amount of money auctioning the quilt, for example, on e-bay where it can go as high as $800, he’d rather donate it to someone who loves Harleys. States Meir, "There just might be a retired veteran out there, who is living on disability payments who used to ride a Harley and would love to put this quilt on his lap as he sits in his wheelchair.”

Dale Huffman, who covered Meir’s story for the Dayton Daily News, agreed to find a new home for the quilt, which was woven from old Harley-Davidson t-shirts and logos. Interested parties can inquire here.