Helmet laws, motorcycle helmets

Fed up and Fired Up!

Hate Your Helmet? Learn how and why to register your complaint with NHTSA. You can file on line or by phone.

For years, people have been complaining about motorcycle helmets and about mandatory helmet laws, and for years, the government has not listened. They continue to force helmets onto riders heads whether they like it or not.
It is time to COMPLAIN LOUDLY and OFTEN.

Here’s how:

The government has a computer system where you should all be filing our complaints. It is relatively unused. After several years, there are only about 20 complaints on file.
Let the government know every complaint you have about helmets. Let them know how you do not like to be forced to wear helmets. If you feel strongly about this you must complain loudly and often, or else they will think you are complacent.

If you are fed up with helmets and mandatory helmet laws, and are ready to file a complaint right now, visit the NHTSA ODI Complaint Site at

Visit Bikers of Lesser Tolerance (B.O.L.T.) for more information.

This action is inspired by freedom fighters everywhere, such as Richard “Quig” Quigley, who used to call and complain to the NHTSA almost every day, even after his living wake, and right up until the day he died of lymphoma in 2007. Other freedom fighters, not just from B.O.L.T. but everywhere, frequently call the NHTSA and their state legislators to complain also. Let’s spread the word to start filing official complaints.
Please help fight for our rights. Civil liberties are important!
Thank you!
Please be sure to pass this message along to everyone you know who rides motorcycles!