Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, San Diego Harley-Davidson

California Dreamin'

Here at HOT BIKE we are always looking for great travel ideas where we can hit the highway on two wheels and take in new sights. However, in these tough economic times we know it’s hard to find some extra cash for a little getaway.

But we all know a little time away from the office, family or just the stresses of everyday life can work wonders on your mental health. Then when you throw in the opportunity to swing a leg over a Harley and ride through the beautiful scenery of San Diego, well…your mind, body, and spirit seem to rejuvenate twice as fast. But wait, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, how about spending a night or two in one of San Diego’s hot spot hotels, the Hard Rock Hotel. That’s right, rock ‘n’ roll and motorcycles, who could ask for anything more?

We were recently informed about this great deal being offered by Hard Rock Hotel San Diego and San Diego Harley-Davidson. From now until October 25 the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego and San Diego Harley-Davidson are teaming up to offer an amazing vacation getaway that combines a luxurious suite, VIP access to hot night spots, $40 meal voucher, a gift bag and last but definitely not least a Harley to ride all day up and down the beautiful San Diego coast and beyond.

What we like most about this trip is that for those who have always wanted to ride the west coast but knew they didn’t have the cash to ship their bikes out to California, the Hard Rock and SD Harley have taken the guess work out and made your California Dreamin’ a reality with a smoking

deal starting at $239 per night. For more information check out www.hardrockhotelsd.com