Get AutoTuned Up

Zipper's ThunderMax with AutoTune for 2010 Sportys

Keeping your bike running right, in tune, and at its best performance are any bike owner's biggest concerns. We have covered Zipper's ThunderMax with AutoTune EFI system in HOT BIKE several times and have been very impressed with its ease of use, versatility, and performance. Always staying on top of the EFI game, Zipper's has recently released a ThunderMax unit for the 2010 Sportsters.

ThunderMax with AutoTune is now available for all 2010 XL-model Sportsters. The Wide-Band, Closed-Loop ThunderMax EFI System with AutoTune has been re-designed to fit in the new ECM location on 2010 Sporsters, making installation a breeze. The ThunderMax for 2010 XL Sportsters includes a PigTail Harness for easy access to the communication port so you simply install, plug-in, download a base map and go for a ride! Then, let AutoTune fine-tune your base map to your riding habits and conditions while you ride.