Dennis Manning Motorcycle Hall of Fame

** Fame **On May 25, 2006, Denis Manning, noted land-speed motorcycle builder and founder and owner of BUB Enterprises, was selected for induction into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Denis began his career as part of the USA Drag Racing team in England at the age of 19, and at 24 he designed and built the Harley-Davidson–powered streamliner that Cal Rayborn rode to break the 1970 world record. He is currently building his seventh streamliner in an attempt to again hold the world record for fastest motorcycle on Earth. He’s also worked and built streamliners for many of the top motorcycle manufacturers, including Triumph and Norton.

In 2004 Denis was the recipient of the AMA “Sportsperson of the Year” award and continues to promote the sport of land-speed racing through both his building and BUB Enterprises, an aftermarket exhaust manufacturer.
The induction ceremony will take place in October 2006 in Pickerington, OH.