December 2012 Hot Bike Readers' Rides | Readers' Showcase

Icon Readers’ Ride Pick of the Month

Kitchen Custom

My story is a bit different than most. I built this bike in my apartment kitchen. Not only is it the first bike I’ve ever built but also the first bike I’ve ever ridden! I’d like to thank American Chopper for two things, first for teaching me (mostly) how to build bikes and for Senior’s comment one night that, “Not just anyone can up and build a bike. Only guys with experience can.” So thanks Senior and by the way, you were wrong!

Houston C. Smitherman

Drop it Low-Low

Here are some photos of my 2010 Fat Boy Lo. I powdercoated the wheels and added a Harley orange trim ring. I also powdercoated the front nacelle and headlight flat black and made the headlight ring “penny shot” to match my risers. The grips, passenger pegs, floorboards, and gas caps are from Leroy Thompson. I had the dash wrapped in leather along with the tank panel. Christian of Xian Leather made it. The sissy bar is from Twisted Steel. I have an RSD velocity stack and AC and Rush slip-ons. My bars are Burley Bikini Beach Bars and hanging on the left is an old-school biker whip. My seat is a Bare Bones from Le Pera with custom stitching and buttons with a matching pillion for Momma.

Dan DeGiovine

Another Man’s Treasure

I have a long-assed chopper that I would like to share with all my fellow enthusiasts. It is a 2005 Pro-Street Chopper with a 113ci Ultima motor, S&S; carb, 280mm rear, 21-inch front, Martin Bros exhaust, 53-inch rake with a 7-inch stretch, American Suspension forks that are 19 inches over with a 6-degree rake, and Legend Air Ride shocks. I have always loved choppers since an early age. I can remember when we were all riding Sting-Ray bicycles. All of my neighborhood friends, including my sister, had them. That was the moment I said, “I will have a chopper one day!” Well that day arrived five years ago, after a blessing from my beautiful and wonderful wife, Kathy. I found it in Durango, Colorado. It was built for a high-end home builder (who designed it) by Ortiz Custom Cycles in Denver. I have entered it in shows and have always taken first, although shows are not my priority; being with my family and riding is. Riding it is a blast but I do have to plan my corners in advance, especially stops, going left and right. But don’t we all?

Steven M. Doane

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