Brotherly Love | 2001 Harley FXDXT

Danny G.'s Version of Motorcycle Perfection

I've traded, bought, and sold dozens of bikes, parts, and cars with my brother Big Chris. I mean, how can you say no to zero down and zero interest on a project or even a finished bike? We laugh because no matter what smoking-deal price we offer up, the other guy is always going to act like they are crazy if they think they are going to get that much money. It's the same routine every time, but we always seem to strike a deal.

When Chris got this FXDXT rideable, something just wasn't clicking for him. He's already owned FXRs, but this was his first Dyna, and he just wasn't feeling it, so he used it for a loaner bike when our out-of-town brothers came to visit. We all know the hard lives that loaner bikes live. One day Chris made me an offer I couldn't refuse to take the bike off his hands, and I jumped on it.

I had a list of things I wanted to do to make it mine but didn't have the money yet, so I just rode it the way it was. On the way to Born Free, I was getting a crazy high-speed death wobble at 100 mph while riding with Death Squad Chris and Chip from SD Customs. When we stopped to get gas, Chip said to me, "I'm scared for your life." When I got home, I noticed all but one of my pulley bolts were sheared.

I'd been working with my neighborhood shop, Ghetto Choppers, in Oceanside, helping the GC guys move bikes and parts in return for helping me take my bike projects to the next level. When I brought the bike down there and told owners Chris and Tim its history, they insisted that we go through the whole bike and take no shortcuts. It was also an excuse for me to powdercoat the rest of the parts that needed it, switch out the bars to 14-inch Death Squad T-bars, install a Tru Track stabilizer, a Harley stereo, and some Death Squad pegs, and get rid of the big goofy blinkers. With the bike put back together, aligned, and new neck bearings, we added the Tru Track, Works Black Tracker Shocks, and new motor mounts. Now the death wobble is gone and my former loaner handles like a champ with a strong Dunn Performance 95 kit, Mikuni carb, and S&S 525 cams.

The paint, too, got a lot of love, thanks to Krash out in Tempe, Arizona, who really outdid himself. You can get as close as you want to it because there is nothing to hide with this paint job. He really put the time in on it, and it has some of the cleanest lines I've ever seen.

Even though I got off to a rough start with this bike, it's turned out to be one of the most reliable, fun, best-handling bikes I've ever ridden, and, yes, I've owned FXRs. At 120 mph or above, it feels as steady as 75 mph. Looks, comfort, speed, handling, and good tunes, I'm having a blast with this bike. That's what it's all about! Build your bike to your specs and go out and have as much fun as you can riding with your friends as much as possible. Huge thanks and shout-out to Ghetto Choppers, Death Squad, FMC, Supreme Seventies, Vans, Hot Bike, Mr. Holt, Big Chris, Chip, DS Chris, Suicide Machine Crew, Denver, LSMC, 33, and everyone else I ride with. The madness has just begun!