Broken Spoke Open

Broken Spoke Open “Good Ol’ Days Raceway” For 2009.
Bringing Motorcycling Back To The Motorcycle Rally

So by now you know that the Broken Spoke Sturgis County Line has been making great strides to cover all your needs during the Black Hills Rally but one thing that Jay Allen felt was missing was the “Good Ol’ Days” feeling that came from going to a rally and watching amateur racers compete on old time tracks.
In this tradition The Sturgis County Line has just completed the “Good Ol’ Days Raceway”, designed and built by National caliper motocross rider and champion, Gene Stull. Gene has 20 years of riding and has been building tracks for over 12 years now. He will have this track open and ready for the full 2009 Event schedule. So what is it? Well, it is a combination p Mile oval that will host short track amateur flat track events, High banked corners will provide great action for spectators and has already peaked the interest of racers in the area and around the country.

Inside the oval there is a motocross track like the ones from the old days where Rocket Rex Stanton and Marty Sipes would tear it up. Nice jumps and full out burms to shoot, a great practice track for young and old that will be open all week long, and it’s free to practice for anyone who camps at the County Line, just $10 to practice for non campers.

Jay and the staff of the Spoke understand that there are a lot of reasons to come to Sturgis and now believe that there is a great one to bring the whole family along. Where else in the world could you wake up to a picturesque view of Bear Butte Mountain, run a motocross practice track after breakfast, check out some of the greatest bikes from the next generation today at the Limpnickie Lot, Take a break by the pool during the hot afternoon sun, hear top national acts like Nashville *** at night, and watch flat track racing under the lights. All this plus contests, barmaids, special runs and events, give-a-ways, bikes shows, wait for you at the Sturgis County Line. So this year, bring the kids, bring your dirt bike and get ready to ride.