Acsexxx Hollywood - 1984 Harley-Davidson Wide Glide Shovelhead

Hog Killers’ beginner sex toy

There are plenty of places here in Los Angeles selling every sex toy imaginable. Not that an innocent naive writer like me would know or anything. That’s, um, just what I hear around the office. But if you want the type of vibrating pleasure device that runs on gasoline and is legal to ride in public, you’re not going to find it at some seedy corner joint in Hollywood. No, you need a sweet custom job for that, like Hog Killers’ Acsexxx here.

Shop owner Aki Saka corrupted it from an innocent ’84 Wide Glide Shovel into the lean, dare-to-go-bare chop job

Aki Saka corrupted it from an innocent ’84 Wide Glide Shovel into the lean, dare-to-go-bare chop job

you see before you right now. Hog Killers calls LA’s Hawaiian Gardens area home, and custom iron is just one of the services it offers the riding public. Acsexxx is Aki’s idea of a shop bike.

At least, that’s how it started. Little did he know at the start the path his relationship with this FXWG would take. What began as a beat-down mule didn’t stay that way for long. The mid-mount controls and dual front brakes formed a gateway drug into a chopper build. Not that he went whole hog (pun intended): “I tried not to spend too many hours on fabrication,” Aki told us, “so I could price it affordably after it was done.”

Apparently, Aki made the call as soon as he swapped controls. It’s like the change flipped a switch in his mind’s eye from riding the shop rat to transforming it into what he calls “a good beginner’s chopper with jockey-shift…for a wide range of people.”

Aki kept the motor pretty much the original animal. Aside from the finned rocker boxes up top and the Andrews cam setup down low, it’s close to stock. Although it does breathe better than it did back in ’84 thanks to the S&S throttle body. Hog Killers turned to Chopper Dave for the minimalist round air cleaner and made the pipes in-house.

The biggest changes came with the bones, not the heart. Accsexxx saunters around the LA streets in a rigid frame with the shop’s own 35mm fork set and spoked wheels. The shop kept the hoops on the modest side of the size spectrum; 19-inch diameter up front and 16-inch at the rear keep this chopper beginner-friendly through twists and turns.

Old-school chop influence is obvious throughout the rest of the bike too.

Old-school chop influence is obvious throughout the rest of the bike too. Short rib fender, Sportster tank, king-queen seat; Hog Killers made or modified ’em all to give the Shovel chopper the classic cred it so richly deserves. A first-class painter was tapped in Orange, California, named Hiroshi. “He’s one of the great custom painters in California,” Aki says. “And he is not a flake as some other known custom painters out there!” You can blame him for the beautiful blue and purple artwork he brought to this two-wheeled canvas.

When Aki told me this chopper was meant to be a beginner’s ride, I thought, “But will a newbie fully appreciate what you’ve done here?"

But will a newbie fully appreciate what you’ve done here?

Seeing as how Johnny Ajioka bought Accsexxx before Hitoshi’s paint was done, the answer was a hearty, “F—k yeah, bitches!” Johnny’s only bike before this was a late-model Sportster. Good for him taking the plunge from fuel-injected, rubber-mount to rigid, carbureted kicker Shovel.

Owner Johnny Ajioka
Shop Hog Killers Inc.
Shop Phone (562) 276-3427
Year/Make/Model 1984 H-D FXWG
Fabrication Hog Killers
Build Time 1 year
Year/Type/Size H-D Shovelhead/80ci
Builder Hog Killers
Cases H-D|
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes Hog Killers Throwback Custom
Cams Andrews
Throttle Body S&S E
Exhaust Hog Killers
Air Cleaner Chopper Dave
Year/Type 1984/H-D
Gears Andrews
Clutch Dry
Primary Drive H-D
Year/Type Hog Killers replica
Rake/Stretch 30º/none
Front end Hog Killers 35mm
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Hog Killers/19 in.
Tire/Size 90-19
Calipers H-D
Rotors H-D
Builder/Size Hog Killers/16 in.
Tire/Size 16 in.
Caliper Performance Machine
Rotor Performance Machine
Colors Blue
Paint/Graphics Hitoshi
Plating/Polishing Buena Park Chroming
Front Fender Hog Killers Chrome
Rear Fender Hog Killers Short, Rib fender
Gas Tank Sportster
Handlebars Hog KIllers
Grips Black
Mirrors None
Hand Controls Grimeca
Foot Controls Hog Killers
Headlight Small
Taillight Stop
License Mount Hog KIllers
Seat Hog Killers