2011 Indian Blackhawk Dark

Quick Look

2011 Indian Blackhawk Dark - Hot Bike Magazine

Classic yet aggressive. It's the first thought that came to our minds when we caught a glimpse of Indian's newest model to roll off the assembly line. Production baggers don't have to be big, bulky, and boring, they can be clean, streamlined, and stylish, as Indian has proven here with its 2011 Blackhawk Dark. Dressed from front to rear with the iconic full-figured and sweeping fenders, the Chief Blackhawk exudes that classic look that lets you know it's an Indian. But then as you glance over the more modern sleek and racy mini fairing, rear cowl, and sculpted bags, you might second-guess yourself. If Indian is serious about re-establishing its brand without compromising its 110-year heritage, we'd say the Chief Blackhawk is a step in the right direction. Indianmotorcycle.com.

Just the Facts
Engine: 105ci Power Plus
Trans: Baker Six-speed
Front/Rear Tire Sizes: 130-16, 150-16
Fuel Cap.: 5.5 gal.
Price: $29,999

Head Dress
Leading the charge on the Blackhawk is a glass Indian head fender light, a teardrop headlight, and headdress-inspired mini fairing. A blacked out 41mm frontend sucks up road bumps while dual Brembo calipers bite down on 11 1/2-inch floating rotors when the stampede commences.

Heart of a Warrior
Cradled between high-tensile steel, rear monoshock frame design is Indian's round cylinder 105ci V-twin. With a 3.966 x 4.25 bore x stroke, the Power Plus produces 100 lb-ft of torque at 3250 rpm. Indian designs all the engine components and has them manufactured by companies all over the US. The engines are then assembled in-house. Backing up the engine is a Baker six-speed trans with Indian's specified gear ratio.

Rebel Yell
A matte black two-into-one exhaust system expels roaring battle cries to the ancient motorcycle spirits.

Ready to Roam
Made from a resin transfer molding process, the lockable, quick-release hard bags feature a 15-pound carrying capacity with 1,475 ci of storage. When you find your Pocahontas, you can simply remove the quick-release rear seat cowl, throw on a passenger pad and a backrest/luggage rack, and hit the trail. No tools are needed; the accessories are designed to be quick and easy to install/remove and keep the bike clean and sanitary when everything is off.

• Ceremonial Badge
To celebrate Indian Motorcycle's 110 years of history, the Chief Blackhawk features a 110th anniversary frame badge and a tank-mounted, analog, anniversary speedometer. Further dressings include a new Blackhawk Seat Concho, Millennium pegs and grips, and a black and chrome drivetrain. Indian offers the Chief Blackhawk with a two-year unlimited mile warranty, with the option of purchasing an additional five-year warranty through its dealers.