2005 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe | Softail Sex Appeal

Nick Pucci’s Panty Dropper

Nick Pucci sought out longtime friend Tyler Foster, owner of Sikpipes, for the complete makeover of his recently purchased Softail. Sikpipes began this build with custom fenders from Oldy’s Custom Composites that sit so low nothing gets between them and the ground. In order to raise or slam the bike for riding and parking, an Arnot Air Ride was added to control the rear height of the bike. Pucci settled on a set of DNA Mammoth wheels, nothing too extreme with just a 21-inch front with an 18-inch rear. The calipers were replaced with a more demanding pinch from Dynamic Bike Innovation. Going along with the style planned out for this bike, a set of 16-inch Carlini handlebars were added as well as a set of PM grips. “I wanted to change a lot of accessory pieces out that wouldn’t be noticed far away, but defiantly showed attention to detail up close,” explains Pucci. Along with the parts suggested by Foster, Pucci changed out the stock foot controls, floorboards, shift linkage, and mirrors from Arlen Ness. Foster modified the stock gas tank by stretching it and shaving off the left-side gas cap while building steel tank extensions. Sikpipes, a custom exhaust producer, obviously had to have its branding on this H-D with a custom one-off pipe loud enough to grab the attention of the ladies nearby alerting them it was time for a flashing. With nearly every accessory swapped out for something aftermarket and chrome, there was only one thing left to complete this build: paint.

Over the years, Sikpipes has become known for producing badass exhausts and not necessarily custom paintjobs. For this build Foster took the lead with the airbrush and it turns out he is the mad man behind any painted customs that come from Sikpipes. Knowing that Pucci wanted to stay away from stereotypical Harleys and the stock look, Foster was given two thumbs up for the Cadillac White Diamond basecoat. The paint was only completed once Foster inked skulls with crowns to the top layer of the white diamond as if they are jailhouse tats.

So what is it that drives the ladies to do things around this Harley that would make their fathers mad? I asked our model, Ashley, her thoughts on why in the middle of another photoshoot she ran helplessly to it. She replied “I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful. A definite panty-dropper! It oozes sex with a side of badass and every girl loves a bad boy. It’s not overly done with gaudy shit.” We’ll take her word that it’s a combination of things that forces them to make bad decision.

### Specifications###
Owner Nick Pucci
Shop Sikpipes
Year/Make/Model 2005/ H-D/ Softail Deluxe
Fabrication Owner/Tyler Foster Sikpipes
Welding Tyler Foster
Assembly Owner/ Tyler Foster
Build Time Two months
### Engine
Builder H-D
Year/Type/Size 2005/ H-D/ 88ci
Cases H-D
Pistons H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Valves H-D
Rockers H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Pushrods H-D
Cams H-D
Lifters H-D
Throttle Body H-D
Carb NA
Air Cleaner H-D/Big Sucker/ Smooth cover
EFI Controller H-D
Exhaust Sikpipes/One off
Oil Cooler H-D
Other Motor Mods/Add Ons Power Commander/Twisted 12mm plug wires (White)
### Transmission
Year/Type 2005/H-D
Case H/D
Gears H-D
Clutch H-D
Primary Drive H-D
### Frame
Year/Type 2005/H-D
Rake H-D
Stretch 0
Modifications NA
### Suspension
Frontt H-D/ Progressive
Manufacturer H-D/Progressive
Length (-2 inches)
Triple Trees H-D
Rear Arnot Air Ride
Swingarm H-D
Shocks Arnot
### Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Front Mammoth
Builder/Size DNA/21x3.5
Tire/Size Avon/120/70-21
Calipers Dynamic Bike Innovation
Rotors DNA/Super Spoke
Rear Mammoth
Builder/Size DNA/18x4.5
Tire/Size 160/60ZR18
Caliper H-D/Chrome
Rotor DNA/Super Spoke
Pulley/Sprocket H-D Chrome Cover
### Finish/Paint
Manufacturer Cadillac
Colors White Diamond
Painter Tyler Foster Sikpipes
Graphics White Skulls/ Crowns
Plating/Polishing Owner
Powdercoating Retro Powdercoating
Front Fender Oldy’s Custom Composites
Rear Fender Oldy’s Custom Composites
Fender Struts Custom/H-D
Gas Tank H-D
Gas Tank Modifications Stretched/ Eliminated one gas cap
Dash Custom Stretched
Gauges H-D
Handlebars 16” Carlini
Cables Chromite
Grips Performance Machine
Risers Carlini
Mirrors Arlen Ness
Hand Controls/Switches H-D/Chrome
Foot Controls Arlen Ness
Floorboards Arlen Ness
Shift Linkage Arlen Ness
Engine Guard H-D
Headlight Integrated Turn Signals
Headlight Modifications/Add Ons Painted/ Taillight Frenched in Tear Drop L.E.D.
Front Turn Signals Integrated Into Headlight
Rear Turn Signals L.E.D. Under Strut/ Behind seat
License Mount Derby Cover Side Mount
Front Axle Chrome Flush Mount
Seat Le Pera
Horn Küryakyn

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