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Cory Ness Builds a Custom Victory You Can Win

On Friday, August 9, 2013, the Buffalo Chip’s Sturgis Rider Sweepstakes will award one lucky Buffalo Chip visitor a Cory Ness customized Victory Cross Country and a matching Epiphone Les Paul guitar.

This all came to be when the Sturgis Buffalo Chip partnered with Victory Motorcycles, Arlen Ness Enterprises, Epiphone Guitars, and Kicker audio with a plan to build a giveaway bike. They had none other than Cory Ness transform this motorcycle into a true custom bike. Along with hand-crafting a rear section and stretching the gas tank, Cory added 6-degree raked triple trees and added a heap more Arlen Ness goodies that included the all-new 23-inch G3 front wheel, modular handlebars, and Power LEDs, as well as a high-end paintjob. Kicker kicked in with a complete audio system including an amplifier, fairing, and saddlebag-mounted speakers, an iPod connection, and a plug-in guitar input so the winner can play his or her new Epiphone guitar directly through the audio system on the bike. This aforementioned matching Epiphone Les Paul Studio giveaway guitar was also customized by Cory Ness and shares the same design cues and attributes as the Victory, but still retains the Les Paul classic look.

The winner will be announced live on the main stage of the Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Fans can register to win the combination Victory Cross Country and Epiphone Les Paul guitar by visiting


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