Best of Sturgis 2008

The Infamous Black Hills Rally

Best father and son photo, Taber Nash and his little grom at the Broken Spoke Campground.

Best riding gear.

After riding all day, best way to spend the early evening, Broken Spoke Campground's new pool and spa.

Best symbol of craftsmanship, AMD Championship gold watch designed by Steve Soffa of Hardcore Watches given to First Place winner Roger Goldammer.

Senator John McCain (still a Senator as I write this) waves to the audience at the Buffalo Chip.

Best use of every color one can think of, Rick Fairless' bike, Thunder Road.

Best way to lock down a bike, Lazelle Street.

Best security, Secret Service preparing for Senator John McCain's arrival at the Buffalo Chip.

Best helmet in Sturgis...not!

Best way to get around on four wheels at the Broken Spoke Campground.

Best display of patriotism, Buffalo Chip.

Russell Mitchell signing the goods to be auctioned at the Builder's Breakfast, Broken Spoke Saloon, Lazelle Street.

Making friends in Sturgis, The Knuckle Saloon.

Donnie Smith tellin' jokes to Bert Baker at the Builders Breakfast, Broken Spoke Saloon.

My loyal steed, Victory Kingpin Tour.

Best "don't F with me or I'll blow your damn head off," bike, Top 50 Park.

Sweetest Hair Don't, Lazelle Street.

Hottest sword swallower alive, Broken Spoke Campground.

Best smile, best frown; Lazelle Street.

Best way to remember the old west; Deadwood.

Dale Jr. and the boss backstage at the Buffalo Chip.

Best way to make a buck; Wall of Death, American Motor Drome Company.

Best way to ride a bike, Jason Pullen and sidekick doing the damn thing...

Best use of a Shovelhead style motor, S&S; Cycle's 50th Anniversary Champion, Hot-Dock Custom Cycles, Champions Park.

Dee Snyder and Ron Star pose while taking a break from the Mayor's ride.

Riding through the countryside in Sturgis.

Best fuel indicator.

The Builders at the Builders Breakfast, Broken Spoke.

Riding in the Black Hills

Best bike at the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, Roger Goldammer's Goldmember, Champions Park.

Best late night snack in Sturgis; turkey leg on Lazelle Street.

Best dual-purpose bike, Seppster II, Champions Park.

Sturgis is a home away from home for thousands of bikers every year. It's the quintessential bike rally with so much going on your head will spin. Every year we make the trip and every year we have a blast. Although this was my first year attending the rally, it's as if I'd attended for years because of the great tales I'd heard from the staff and other friends I've made in the industry.

We're sure you have your routine down as to what you'll hit first; what you'll do on Tueseday, Wednesday, or Thursday; what bands are playing and when; what venue has the most chaotic shenanigans for you to witness and store in the "fun-time" memory bank. Whatever order you take in Sturgis and the surrounding areas, it's all good.

The Buffalo Chip is one of the biggest campgrounds in Sturgis, and Senator John McCain stopped by to say hello. The Top 50 Park was packed with plenty of vendors and cool bikes. Thunder Road was a happening spot and didn't disappoint in the slightest. Of course, Main Street's bars were something of a legend and definitely lived up to their full potential. The Lazelle Street parade, not necessarily a parade, but the consistency of bikes and fender-to-fender traffic certainly made it seem so.

What I loved most about Sturgis: Riding. The crew at Victory Motorcycles loaned me an '08 Kingpin Tour for the week, which was great for hauling camera equipment, jacket, rain gear, and whatever else I needed to survive the week on two wheels. The Victory was a great bike and even with bags, a trunk, and a windshield, it was very nimble in the corners, which you'll find plenty of in the Black Hills.

As for the rally, we are journalists by trade and bikers at heart so we sure as hell made it our number one goal to snap the best, funniest, craziest photos of the happenings during the week. Thumb through and take a trip down memory lane if you were there. If you didn't make it to the rally this August, you have our permission to live vicariously through our camera lenses.

We've highlighted for you some of the best moments and all-around good fun. Enjoy!