The Best Shirts To Rock Both On And Off Your Motorcycle

Express yourself in style and comfort.

Wearing motorcycle shirt

Stand out on/off your motorcycle with a stylish and comfortable shirt.


Whether you’re riding through town, cruising down the highway, or stopping for a fill-up you want to look good both on or off your motorcycle. Sure, you could wear any old T-shirt or flannel under your gear, but why not have something underneath that is comfortable for the ride and stylish for after you get off? You’ve put the time into keeping your motorcycle sharp, here’s some of our favorite shirts in a variety of styles to help you look distinct among the rest.

Distinct Rugged Style

Legendary Whitetails Men's Journeyman Flannel Lined Rugged Shirt Jacket

A vintage-inspired look that keeps you warm and stylish.


On a colder day, rock the rugged look with this flannel-lined shirt from Legendary Whitetails. With a cotton suede exterior and brass buttons, the vintage look is both distinct and stylish. Size up to layer on top of a sweater, or size down to wear this on its own.

Array Of Colors To Choose From

Wrangler Authentics Men's Long Sleeve Heavyweight Plaid Fleece Shirt

Match your motorcycle or style with this fleece shirt.


There’s a reason the flannel shirt is so ubiquitous—flannel shirts offer such a combination of warmth, style, and comfort. This heavyweight flannel comes in more than 10 different colors and patterns, so you can fit your style or mood.

Comfortable Cotton

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt

This do-it-all T-shirt has a pocket and is made of thick cotton.


This men’s Carhartt shirt has it all: thick cotton, a button collar, and a chest pocket. The heavyweight 100 percent cotton material holds up over time to the rigors of riding, and you can stash your sunglasses in the handy pocket. Personalize from a number of earth tones to match your bike or your outfit.