Best iPhone Charging Cables

Keep a full charge with these Lightning cables.

Keep your iPhone’s battery charged utilizing any of the following cables.

Keep your iPhone’s battery charged utilizing any of the following cables.

Matteo Fusco

As our iPhones become essential tools for both social and work life, keeping your battery charged is increasingly important. Always having a Lightning cable around is an easy way to ensure that you’ll be able to charge when there is an available outlet or power bank. Some of the best Lightning cables come in different lengths and materials, so there is bound to be one in this list for you.

Room to stretch out

AmazonBasics Double Braided-Nylon Lightning To USB Cable

A 10-foot-long cable is a great option for those long stretches to the outlet.


If you need to move around the room while your iPhone is charging, or the outlet is far from your desk or couch, a 10-foot-long iPhone cable might be best for you. This limits restriction to a tight space. Cable is made from double-braided nylon, for an extra level of protection as the longer cable can hit more snags or obstacles. Further, this has a copper wire and Kevlar interior with a nylon exterior. The ends are finished in plastic to reduce fraying; they can bend easily to 95 degrees.

For tight spaces

AmazonBasics Braided-Nylon Lightning To USB A Cable

Flexible plastic ends on either side make this the choice if you're confined to smaller, awkward spaces.


Designed with copper wires for optimal power transfer and a nylon weave exterior for protection, this 6-foot-long cable is perfect for daily use. Easily reached in your car or on your desk with this optimal length. You’ll also be able to plug into tight places with a durable yet flexible plastic end on either side.

Three times the help

Anker Powerline Lightning 3-Foot Cable 3-Pack

Stop dragging your cord from room to room. This pack allows for more flexibility.


This three-pack of cables is an excellent value for anyone who needs to charge in multiple places, carry a cable on the go, or frequently misplaces small items. Designed with wide-diameter wires to maximize charging speeds, these cables have an aramid fiber exterior to prevent fraying and wear and tear, as well as plastic ends that are durable to bending.