Bel-Ray's All-In-One Fuel Treatment

Power in a bottle

Total performance lubricant manufacturer, Bel-Ray, announced the release of its new All-In-One Fuel Treatment for powersports and marine engines.

Bel-Ray’s new All-In-One Fuel Treatment is formulated with advanced chemistry to boost octane ratings, maximize fuel efficiency and improve performance.

Designed to neutralize the harmful effects of ethanol-blended station gasoline and restore lost power, All-In-One Fuel Treatment also increases the octane rating of lower quality fuel for more efficient combustion when specialty fuels aren’t readily available.

Using a proprietary chemistry not found in other fuel additives, Bel-Ray’s All-In-One Fuel Treatment provides a high level of detergency that cleans fuel system components of gummy residue and deposits for improved performance on the track, trail and the street. When used with ethanol-blended station gasoline it also combats “phase separation” that results from when fuel sits for extended periods of time and infrequent or seasonal use.

“When we looked at the competitor products on the market for treating the various problems associated with gasoline used in powersports, it was apparent that at least three different products were needed to tackle all of the issues,” said Andrew Hodges, Bel-Ray Product Line Manager for its Powersports Division. "The new Bel-Ray All-In-One offers protection and solves the common fuel issues of modern fuels in one single product. High performance in an easy to use product were our goals and we've achieved them with All-In-One.”

Bel-Ray’s All-In-One Fuel Treatment is safe for use in both two- and four-stroke engines and can be used on all gasoline-powered powersports equipment. It can be mixed and stored in portable fuel containers or poured directly into vehicle fuel tanks. It is available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles, which treat 10 and 40 gallons of fuel respectively. For more information on Bel-Ray’s line of chemicals and lubricants for powersports use or to find a retailer, please visit or call 732-938-2421.