BDL Lightweight Transmission Pulleys

New Lightweight Pulleys Trim Weight and Reclaim HP

belt drives ltd light weight harley trans pulley

Every pound shed is a pony gained, no?

Courtesy of Belt Drives Limited

At about one third the weight of stock Harley-Davidson units these light weight transmission pulleys weigh in at a mere 2 ¼ pounds. Manufactured by Belt Drives Limited, the high tech pulleys are precision machined to aircraft tolerance from rugged 7075 aluminum making them just the ticket for both high performance and stock application. The significant weight savings reclaims horsepower while lightening the load on associated bearings and a durable hard anodize finish assures years of extended trouble free operation. The new BDL LIGHT WEIGHT TRANSMISSION PULLEYS are currently available for 4-speed Big Twins from 1979 to 1983, 5-speed 1986 to present and 5-speed Sportsters from 1992 up. Retail price is just $123.00. Available from BDL dealers worldwide or catch the complete lineup at the Belt Drives Limited company website.

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