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Babes Of Born-Free 10

The beautiful women of the 10th annual Born-Free show

born free babes having a drink

Nothing like a cold 805 to beat the Born Free heat.

Morgan Gales

It’s like magic, I swear. It can be cloudy and overcast all week, but every year just in time for Born-Free, the clouds part, the sun comes out, and it gets hot. Hot enough to justify all those lovely tiny outfits the babes of Born-Free were donning this weekend—as if they needed justification.

Builders toil for months, sometimes years, to build or restore the masterpieces on display at this show, then dudes from all over the world show up to look past them at the stunning women in their daisy dukes and American flag bikinis. We love 'em all! The bikes, the babes, the builders, and the bozos!

If you missed out, you missed out, but click the links to see more from the show and follow along all week for more coverage!

born free babe in star spangled bikini

Another way of staying cool? To each their own.

Morgan Gales

born free babes american trio

We've heard Born Free jokingly called the biker Coachella, but maybe it's more like the biker Stage Coach?

Morgan Gales

born free babe in striped shirt

See, this girl was smart, she was working at the ice cream stand.

Morgan Gales

born free babes biker coachella hat

With so many motorcycles, booths, and people to see, huge smiles are always present at Born Free.

Morgan Gales

born free babes imogen nina

Imogen and Nina pose for a photo op.

Morgan Gales

blonde born free babes

Two more ladies pose for the camera. Do you think they bought their sunglasses at the same place?

Morgan Gales

born free babes solstice intimates

These two are modeling some of the Solstice Intimates products.

Morgan Gales

Born free babes enjoying the show

The sun was shining bright overhead, and while the weather was warm, it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the show.

Morgan Gales

born free babe with heart-shaped sunglasses

Born Free attendee taking a smoking break on a Sportster.

Morgan Gales

born free babes moto savage shirt

Some flat track bikes and big smiles at the Roland Sands booth.

Morgan Gales

born free babes selling merchandise

Booths for gear, sunglasses, motorcycle accessories, and even hair products were at the show. These two represented Layrite hair products.

Morgan Gales

born free babes posing for pictures

Attending Born Free and wearing a Mama Tried hat… I would bet that she frequents all the motorcycles shows.

Morgan Gales

born free Japanese tattoo

This Japanese model was a star.

Morgan Gales

born free babe stern blonde

The more glamorous side of Born-Free.

Morgan Gales

babes enjoying born free 10

The increasing heat couldn’t put a damper on these friends’ Born Free fun.

Morgan Gales

born free babe in two wheels shirt

The two-wheeled life is what the Born Free show is all about.

Morgan Gales

hot dog lady

There are all sorts of people who attend Born Free. Will you be one of them next year?

Morgan Gales


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