WD-40 Cleaner & Degreaser

Simply put—when you ride, your chain gets dirty. These products can help.

Motorcycle chains work best and last longest when regularly lubed. Unfortunately, lubricants love holding onto dirt and grunge. Here’s how to clean it all up.
Motorcyclist sitting on motorcycle with drive chain lubed up.

Chains aren’t forever, but with care they’ll run longer and save you money.

Like walking the dog or washing your hair, regularly lubing and adjusting your motorcycle’s chain has to get done. Here are products we like for the job.
Garage Floor Mat for Motorcycles by New Pig

If you’ve got a leaky bike, keep the floor clean with an oil-absorbing mat.

Let’s face it—some motorcycles leak oil. Fixing this may be difficult and expensive, so in the meantime keep the floor clean with one of these absorbent mats.
Oil Drain Pan

Doing quick, clean oil changes requires the right skills, tools, and pan.

Motorcycle oil changes can be a satisfying, money-saving process. Good oil pans help improve efficiency and reduce drama.
Klein Tools Electrical Test Kit with Multimeter, Non-Contact Voltage Tester and Receptacle Outlet Tester

Keep your electric systems in great condition.

Are you an at-home mechanic? Use a multimeter to test your motorcycle’s electrical systems.
Cleaning with black finish restorer

Bring that dull, weathered black engine and plastics back to looking sharp.

Turn back the years and miles, and make those pretty black engine cases—and associated plastic, vinyl and rubber parts—look showroom new again.
Checking tire pressure with a motorcycle tire-pressure gauge

Want to ride safe and secure? Get your tire pressures right every time.

A deflating car tire can present as noise, vibration, and hard steering. On a bike, symptoms can also include loss of control. Get ahead of it with these gauges.
phone mounted to stroller, bikes, cart, and scooter

Handlebars are meant for phones.

Do you want to use your smartphone’s GPS while you ride? Get a smartphone mount.
Bikes transported with hitch-mounted rack.

A hitch-mounted rack helps you explore further.

Multiple options of ebike racks that mount on the hitch of a vehicle.
Bicyclist wears compression socks

Compression socks that aid in blood circulation are great while on your ebike.

Active socks that provide compression to increase blood circulation while on an ebike.