Speed's Performance Plus on upgrading Harley-Davidson's latest Big Twin

What's out there for Milwaukee-Eight owners looking for high performance cams?
High-Flow Fuel Delivery Benefits for V-twins

Wake up your Harley-Davidson motor with high-flow injectors and big throttle bodies

Find out how high-flow aftermarket parts help V-twin motors make more power.
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Speed Performance Plus Spotlight

To Speed and Style parts like big Motors, turbo kits, and sweet gear…

Heads Up!

When a big-bore kit and some cams are on the menu, topping that with a set of performance heads is a no-brainer. “On a stock-displacement motor it’ll make a noticeable…

Noise, Power, and Pipes!

As good looking and nasty sounding as a set of short, wide-open pipes might be, they’ll end up hurting the all-around performance of a street-ridden Harley.

Speed’s Performance Plus Engine Upgrade

Darn near twice the horsepower and torque in a day, without taking the engine out of the frame. No complicated or expensive machine work required, all done with…