Ed Carol with custom Ironhead

Out of all the cool choppers and Panheads at the 2018 Smoke Out Rally in North Carolina, this old Ironhead was our favorite

Constructed in greasy garages with friends, this homebuilt Ironhead features British inspiration and traditional chopper touches.
mini parade of bikes and cars

The classic race event on a New Jersey beachfront brings out some of the best vintage hot rods and motorcycles you’ll see anywhere

Produced in a traditional hot-rod fashion, The Race of Gentlemen emphasizes racing on the beach, with strictly pre-’50s cars and motorcycles.

Set in a small motel on the Jersey shore, the NOTT party brings a unique blend of choppers to a beachside town

We visit TROG’s chopper pre-party at a motel in New Jersey before the beachfront races.

This brand-new show in North Carolina attracted a slew of killer vintage customs

It’s a good time for custom bike shows. The Congregation Show is a great example of one of the better new ones cropping up.

North Carolina shop builds a mini-bagger FXR with a Twin Cam

Meet the last engine Ray Price ever built: a Twin Cam in a Harley-Davidson FXR chassis.

Mcquiston’s Chopper Designs LBC builds the Cop Chop chopper for himself

Nicknamed the “Cop Chop,” this daily-rider chopper was created out of a 1970 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead.

The Japanese shop builds one killer stripped-down Panhead.

"This is what Cycle West means when they turn a Harley-Davidson Panhead into a bobberized badass ride."…