IMZZ Elite FXRP Bag Bracket Install

P-Bags for D-bags

The popularity of installing FXR and Dyna Police bags has hit an all-time high. The only problem is both the FXRP and FXDP bags were discontinued by H-D long ago.
kuryakyn led lighting install

Bright and White

How to add LED lighting to your Harley in no time at all.
Editor and Chief Jeff G. Holt

Jeff Holt's words from the May 2017 Hot Bike issue

It seems as a society we have been torn apart as of late. I feel the current situation we live in can’t really be blamed on just one thing. It has been a chain of…
Thomson Superchargers

1999–2015 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Blower Kit

Just by installing this supercharger kit on your bone-stock bike it will bring gains of roughly 50–60 percent hp with only moderate boost, and up to 100 percent more…
Our FXR, transformed from basket to badass.
Vanson Leathers

The Vanson Leather Legacy

Over 40-plus years in business, Vanson has a reputation among riders for providing the sturdiest leather goods in the business.
Bell Helmets Bullit Review

Bell looks to it's past to come up with a modern helmet

West Coast Choppers CFL 3 frame hand built by Jesse James

The third time’s a very shiny charm

Hot Bike Build off header

You be the Judge! Aug 16-22 2014

A group of the world's best bike builders competing in a true reality contest of both show and go…