Army of Darkness: Blacking Out Indian's Dark Horse

Indian Motorcycle has released accessories that can be added to the Chief Dark Horse to make it even darker. The aim is to replace the silver metallic parts on the bike with blacked-out versions. Items such as the high flow air cleaner, the fender trim, the fuel gauge and fuel cap are a straightforward swap for black ones.

The result is a more aggressive looking machine – it’s darker and even bolder – appealing to those riders who like to go all out or nothing.

Owners can also switch to black Ape Hanger handlebars giving them the added bonus of being able to add black War Bonnet floorboards, a black War Bonnet toe peg, a black War Bonnet heel shifter peg and a black Pinnacle heel shifter to finish the look.

And for those who use their machines to go touring (and with a pillion), a black luggage rack and black grab rail ensures that no part has been left unaccounted for. Finally there are two options for fitting a blacked-out exhaust; the European countries that require a fully homologated exhaust can fit one especially designed by Remus while riders in the Middle East and Africa can fit an official Indian Motorcycle Stage 1 exhaust kit.

Both exhaust options will need black exhaust shields. The stage 1 kit can be fitted with ‘Fish Tail’ shaped exhaust tips. Andreas Geisinger, head of apparel, accessories and parts says: “This new accessories range gives our Dark Horse customers the ability to do what many customisers are doing at the moment: creating bikes that are fully black. “Dealer feedback on the pre-launch of these accessories as well as the reactions on social media have been phenomenal,” he comments while smiling. “It seems that black just became the new Indian Motorcycle red.”