Arlen Ness 2017 Street Glide Custom | Web Exclusive

Bolt-On Quick N Clean custom bagger

milwaukee eight custom bagger

New Ness bolt-on 2017 Street Glide.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

Somebody had to be first out the gate with a custom Milwaukee-Eight bagger, right? That someone would be Arlen Ness. They gave us a web exclusive on their new bolt-on 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, sprinkled with new Ness parts for it. Zach Ness tells us, "This is a quick build we put together for the new engine platform. All parts on the bike are already available and more are on the way. We got our hands on the new bike the day it came out and by the end of the day we were already printing the prototype Big Sucker air cleaner kit. More to come soon!"

Here's a gallery of the finished bike with a list of parts for each photo. We'll have more info on the individual parts later today.

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Ness Milwaukee-Eight Saddlebag & Rear Fender Accessories

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • 10-Gauge Saddlebag Latch Covers

  • 10-Gauge Saddlebag Lid Levers

  • 10-Gauge License Frame

  • Fire Ring LED Turn Signal Inserts

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Arlen Ness Accessories are already in production and will be available soon for all new Milwaukee Eight Engine

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • Big Sucker: Stage 1 for factory air cleaner cover, Stage 1 w/ custom cover, Stage 2

  • Monster Sucker 90 degree air cleaner kit

  • Inverted Air Cleaner kit

  • Forged Billet Engine Cover Line

  • Exhaust

  • 10-Gauge Inverted Air Cleaner & matching horn kit

  • 10-Gauge Oil Filter Cover

  • 10-Gauge Floorboards

  • 10-Gauge Heel/Toe Shifter

  • 10-Gauge Brake Arm

  • Beveled Shift Rod

  • Deep Cut Inner Shift Lever

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Arlen Ness by Magnaflow Mega Cone Slip On Mufflers seen here.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Inner fairing's been dressed up.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • 10-Gauge Speaker Grills

  • Direct Bolt-on LED Turn Signals

  • 13” Modular Handlebars

  • 10-Gauge Grips

milwaukee eight custom bagger

New windshield trim.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • 10-Gauge Windshield Trim

  • 10-Gauge Gauge Trim

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Here we see the front end customization.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • 7&7 Raked Triple Tree

  • 10-Gauge Fork Boots

  • 10-Gauge Fork Legs

  • 23” 10-Gauge front wheel w/ 10-Gauge Rotors

  • Billet Brake Caliper Housings

milwaukee eight custom bagger

Not even the bodywork was immune. Ness worked quick.

Courtesy of Arlen Ness

  • Stretched Gas Tank

  • 23” Wrapper Fender

  • Angled Saddlebags

  • Angled Rear Fender Extension

For more info, visit the Ness website. See more bike features from us here.