Arai | 2 New Full Face Helmets

Arai launches QuantumX & SignetX lids

arai quantum x pearl black

Sexy beast: Arai Quantum-X in Pearl Black

Courtesy of Arai

Earlier this month, Arai helmets introduced two new street lids to the world: the Arai Quantum­X and the new Arai Signet­X. For more than 60 years, Arai has built a reputation for handcrafting the best helmets in the world, and the Quantum­X and Signet­X continue that tradition with an emphasis on comfort and fit.

The new Quantum­X and Signet­X are the perfect choices for almost any type of street riding, and utilize two distinct fit packages for optimum comfort and fit. The Quantum­X features a Round Oval (R/O) shape for riders with an even balance between length and width. The Signet X features a Long Oval (L/O) shape for head shapes with pronounced length, but a reduced width.

Both the Quantum­X and Signet­X feature a new Peripherally Belted ­ Super Complex Laminate Construction (PB­ScLc_ shell design for performance and affordability, New QVF and QVR upper ventilation ducts with better flow through performance, an anti­microbial liner material that allows your helmet to stay fresher, longer, and the elegant Arai VAS system providing a rounder shell shape and an easy­to­use shield changing system). Additionally the Quantum­X and Signet­X can use the versatile VAS Pro Shade system.

“We are very excited about the launch of the new Arai Quantum­X and Signet­X helmets” said Brian Weston, Managing Director for Arai Helmets America. “Arai is the only company offering multiple interior­fit helmet shapes, and the new Quantum­X and Signet­X are perfect examples of this unique Arai helmet feature.”

The new Arai Quantum­X and Signet­X helmets are available in sizes XS­XXL. For more information, visit Arai's website.

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