Antigravity Batteries

small , light and powerful

XPS SC-1 $119.99
The SC-1 is the world’s smallest battery, perfect for kick only bikes that need power for the ignition, but don’t want a big battery taking up space in the design. If you building a Custom kick-only bike, this battery will give you the power to system and provide trouble free performance, but don’t let the little size fool you, this 1 pound battery can start a V8 truck 10 times in a row easily!

AG-1601 $289.99
Don’t let the size fool you! This 3 pound 480 Cranking Amp Lithium-Ion battery is less than half the size of a lead acid battery, yet will turn over those hard to start V-Twins with ease. This is your go-to battery for high power in the most compact size available. This Antigravity Battery is often the #1 choice for Customer V-Twins builders. It’s the go to battery where small size is needed to lower the seat yet massive power is required to turn the larger V-Twins over.

XPS V-10 $349.99 Dedicated to one thing: EXTREME starting performance in the smallest, lightest package possible! The Antigravity V-10 has the best power-to-weight ratio for any batter in the WORLD, so if you have a V-Twin or a stripped down Race Car this is the battery for you 540 cranking Amps 4 lbs.

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Micro Start XP-1 $149.99
So small it fits in your pocket yet so powerful it can start all motorcycles, powersport vehicles and V8 trucks 25 times in a row! The tiny XP-1 MICRO-START lithium-ion booster pack boasts a 400 peak amp jump-start port, and has the ability to not only Jump Start any vehicle but also charge your 19V laptops, or 12V accessories and 5v USB devices, never had dead battery problems again. Come in a complete kit with Carry Case

THUMP BOX $59.99
Antigravity Batteries introduces the next generation in SOUND! The THUMP-BOX is a mini blue-tooth speaker system that turns any surface into a high end speaker using revolutionary Sonic Wave technology! Just place the THUMP-BOX on any surface and that surface become the speaker! Compatible with all Blue Tooth Devices and has a lighted Touch-Pad Panel on top of the unit for easy function controls.

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