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ALMS Tail Bag Review

Simple and efficient motorcycle tail bag makes the perfect daily commuter

ALMS 12L Tail Bag

ALMS 12L Tail Bag


The ALMS 12-Liter Cargo Tail Bag is the best tail bag I have ever used, and one of my favorite daily moto carry systems for a handful of reasons. Smart and practical design has made this simple and easy to use. It attaches to your bike quickly with four well-made straps and metal hardware. It’s easy to tighten down and the hardware is easy to figure out just by looking at it. Removing the bag from your bike can be done in a matter of seconds, leaving the straps on so it can be quickly reattached as well.

The bag is entirely waterproof with an exterior made of 12-ounce waxed canvas that is partially coated with an incredibly durable synthetic rubberish material called Hypalon, known for its temperature and chemical resistance. The interior seams are nylon taped for waterproofing, and the interior is just one large pocket. The top of the bag is equipped with an expandable and removable cargo net for additional storage, which I often use to stash my leather jacket when it warms up. On the back side of the bag is a zipped pocket for flatter, smaller objects as well.

The ALMS 12L Tail Bag mounted on a 2019 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic Softail

The ALMS 12L Tail Bag mounted on a 2019 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic Softail

Morgan Gales

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It fits a 13-inch laptop and a thin thermal layer inside, as well as a handful of small items like chargers and cables. Essentially, it’s perfect for my daily commute and small trips. I’ve taken the bag on a few longer trips and many, many small ones. In short, it rules; I love it. The materials are all thick and sturdy, feeling like the bag is going to last ages and currently showing no real signs of wear. The seams and straps seem overbuilt, like they somehow knew I was going to jam as much stuff in there as I possibly could. At $125, I would say it’s a great value. You get a lot more bag then you would for most backpacks that price, and it’s stylish to boot. While the small size feels somewhat limiting, the cargo net is surprisingly expansive.

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