Airea 5150 Custom Paint And More - General Buyer's Guide

HB checks out the latest parts and accessories for your Harley-Davidson from Airea 5150 custom paint and more.

Airea 5150's Custom Paint Schemes
-Designs range from simple airbrush flames and graphics to traditional pinstriping
-House of Kolor material options are almost endless and include flakes, kandys, pearls, ice pearls, and many other unique finishes
-For more information, contact Airea 5150 at (602) 278-5150, or visit

Badlands' Illuminator
-Run, brake, and turn signals
-Made for '85-and-up Harleys
-Built-in load equalizer
-Waterproof and shock-proof
-For more information, contact Badlands at (775) 359-4450, or visit www.badlandsmotorcycle

Atlanta Monster Cycles' Horseshoe Oil Tank
-Available for '89-'99 Softails
-3003 aluminum-constructed tank
-6061 billet filler cap
-Made to order for custom applications
-For more information, contact Atlanta Monster Cycles at (770) 962-9420, or visit

BD Speed Shop's Chrome Bullet Turn Signals
-Only 3/4-inch diameter
-Includes three ultra-bright LEDs in red or amber
-Available in three mounting styles: fender, frame, or triple-tree
-For more information, contact BD Speed Shop at (603) 889-3576, or visit

Crystal-Glo's Spray Polish
-Polishes without water
-Produces "wet" look
-For use in between polishing
-For more information, contact Crystal-Glo at (905) 760-0006, or visit

Dayton Wire Wheel X-Treem Products' Polish and Sealer
-For polishing aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, magnesium-any polished, bare metal surface
-Made with a surgical-grade cotton strip that has been saturated with the polishing formula
-Polish is available in single units or in cases of 12 cans, and sealer is available in single 8-ounce bottles or in cases of 12 bottles
-For more information, contact Dayton Wire Wheel at (937) 438-0100, or visit

George's Garage's TC Inner Cam Bearing Tools
-Designed specifically to allow for removal and installation of the inner cam bearings on all TC-88 engines
-Dual-step design ensures perfect alignment every time while keeping roller pins from dropping into the case
-Precision machined and black anodized
-For more information, contact George's Garage at (909) 843-7043, or visit

Faarken's Biker Stirrups
-Secure the cuffs of loose-fitting jeans or slacks, thus preventing them from blowing up the boot while cruising
-Elastic and adjustable to fit all sizes
-Sold in pairs
-For more information, contact Faarken at (508) 949-8380, or visit

RMD Billet's Super Girder 2800 Frontend
-Raw industrial legs machined from extruded billet aluminum
-Machined upper and lower control-arm trees with a Penske shock
-Black-anodized legs, raw satin-finished trees with stainless-steel pins
-For more information, contact RMD Billet at (507) 348-8877, or visit

Rogue Chopper's Scavenger Total Oil Change System
-Quick, easy oil changes
-Completely flushes dirty oil
-Works for Twin Cams, Evolutions, and Sportsters
-For more information, contact Rogue Chopper at (866) 877-6843, or visit

Weldcraft AK-150MF TIG Torch Accessories
-Can be configured into 20 different torch styles using an existing cable
-Saves time in changing torches
-Can be used for different applications
-For more information, contact Weldcraft at (800) 752-7620, or visit

Harley-Davidson's Smooth Air Cleaner
-Fits over the round Screamin' Eagle air-cleaner element
-Low-profile cover opens breathing space between the backing plate and cover, and the cut-away bottom design exposes the air-cleaner element to maximize airflow
-Fits '99-later Twin Cam Softail, Dyna, and Touring models equipped with Screamin' Eagle Stage Kits
-For more information, contact Harley-Davidson at (800) 443-2153, or visit

Drag Specialties' Fender-to-Fork Adapters
-Designed to work with RWD 5-1/2-inch-wide undrilled fenders for 3-inch x 21-inch wheels
-The adapters have 1/4-inch-diameter, 2-1/2-inch on-center blind-hole fender mounts and 5/16-inch-diameter, 3-inch on-center fork leg mount holes
-Measure 1.250 inches thick
-For more information, contact Drag Specialties at (800) 222-3400, or visit

S100's Special Surfaces Cleaner
-Designed for streak-free polishing of plastic surfaces
-Removes insects and other soils
-Safe for polycarbonate and acrylics
-For more information, contact S100 at (203) 488-6569, or visit

Detroit Bros.' Dumper Exhaust Pipes
-Rear mount on lower rear of pipes
-Fits all '71-'84 FX, FXWG, FLHS, and late-style shovelhead engines or the new S&S; SH models
-Dumpers for Evolution fit all '86-'05 Softail models
-For more information, contact MC Advantages at (800) 726-9620, or visit

Mobile Glo's LED Strip Lighting
-Flexible, protective coating
-Peel-and-stick adhesive backing
-Comes in blue, red, green, or white
-15 or 9 LED strips
-For more information, contact Mobile Glo at (888) 554-6624, or visit

Grix's Precision Eyewear
-CNC-machined billet sunglasses carved from 6061-T aircraft-grade aluminum
-Inspired by the chrome side trim of the classic '57 Chevrolet and the flamed hot rods of the '50s and '60s
-All lenses absorb 100 percent of UV radiation
-For more information, contact Grix Eyewear at [email protected], or visit

Rich Phillip's Biker Saddles' Frontend
-Leaf-spring frontend
-Available in 20-inch or 22-inch sizes
-Sold in raw steel, or powdercoated for a small upcharge
-For more information, contact Rich Phillip's Biker Saddles at (314) 392-7841, or visit

Strategic Tools' Motorscan Scanner 5650
-Analyzes virtually all electronically diagnosable systems from the major motorcycle manufacturers
-Has both an automatic and manual search mode
-A comprehensive database of motorcycle models and systems (including cable type and connector position) and a set of diagnostic procedures
-For more information, contact Strategic Tools and Equipment Company at (847) 356-3220, or visit

Ekstensive Metal Works' Flatboy Trailer
-Comes equipped with battery, air compressor, air storage tank, valves, switches, and an air gauge
-Goes from ride height to setting the trailer flat on the ground when loading and unloading your bike
-Controls each wheel and the trailer's tongue for uneven loads with three switches
-For more information, contact Ekstensive Metal Works at (281) 442-1050, or visit www.ekstensivemetal