AGV And AFX Helmets - What The Hel(Met)!

A New Twist On Some Old Originals

1. The FX-68 Beanie helmet from AFX (MSRP: $39.95) provides riders with the lightweight fit and feel of a traditional beanie. However, the combination of the ultra-thin visor and slightly raised lip at the rear gives the helmet a flowing look from end to end. The helmet is constructed of thermoplastic poly alloy and features a plush-brushed, hypoallergenic nylon interior. DOT-certified and available in the standard biker black and flat black as well as gold, silver, and a mixture of two-tone flames, this is the perfect helmet when temps rise or for that short cruise down to bike night.

2. A camo-coated helmet may not make sense to many, but when you combine the stealth look with a fighter-pilot-style shell, you've got a great cam-bonation (sorry, had to say it). Also available in black, matte black, and steel gray, the DOT-certified Dragon helmet from AGV (MSRP: $119.95) is perfect for those who don't like the minimal protection of a beanie but don't care for the confining feel of a full-face. The lift-up double-radius scratch-resistant face shield (it comes with one clear and one 80-percent tint shield) provides an excellent field of vision, and the quick release-buckle makes for quick on and off.

Helmets, skid lids, annoying head ornaments. Call 'em what you want, love 'em or hate 'em-in some states helmets are mandatory riding apparel. But just because "the man" says you have to wear them, it doesn't mean they all have to look the same.

Luckily for us, helmet manufacturers realize that when it comes to protecting their domes, Harley guys and girls don't all want the same thing. Thankfully, companies such as AGV and AFX are thinking outside the box by offering updated looks to the same old tired-looking beanie and half-helmet.