Affordable Premium Motorcycle Gloves

Solid protection for your mitts doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Motorcycle rider wearing gloves.

Your hands are your connection to control—so make sure you keep your digits dialed with a protective yet affordable set of gloves.


Despite what you may think, it’s possible to stretch your budget pretty far when shopping for high-quality motorcycle gear. We’ve wrangled a group of riding gloves that feature premium materials and design qualities, all of which carry a price tag all of us can afford. These picks perform great and look even better, so you really can’t lose no matter which pair you choose. If you’re looking for a fresh pair of killer riding gloves while leaving some leftover cash in your wallet, look no further. “High quality” doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg when you’re shopping for gloves to protect your hands on the ride.

Good Grip

Powersports Motorcycle Gloves by Indie Ridge, Lightweight Carbon Fiber Racing Gloves with Mobile Touch Screen Fingertips (Large)

Carbon fiber knuckles provide additional protection while the rubber palms provide the grip.


Maintaining a good grip at the bars is key when riding, so a rubber-lined palm is a feature to look out for. These gloves from Indie Ridge have that as well as carbon fiber knuckles for protection. This combo serves purpose and looks rugged. Additionally, the gloves are vented for cooling comfort and are touchscreen compatible for when you have to touch base with the phone’s (or motorcycle’s) navigation.

Vintage Looks

Torc Silverlake Glove

Rugged old-school looks with new-school functionality.


Most riders may associate the Torc brand as manufacturers of old-school-style motorcycle helmets, but its name can now be tied to killer gloves as well. The Silverlake riding glove is constructed from premium aniline goat leather, which provides natural tear and abrasion resistance. Built-in knuckle and palm protection will keep your hands protected while delivering an overall comfortable, all-day fit. Strategic perforation in the leather allows for proper cooling so your hands remain comfortable in all weather conditions.

Classic Design

Biltwell Work Gloves

These are designed for comfort and protection throughout.


Biltwell sells a wide variety of killer motorcycle goods—including great-looking riding gloves. The Biltwell work gloves have the appearance of classic leather gloves used by hardworking Americans for generations, but have been specifically designed to serve motorcycle riders. The 100 percent heavy-duty cowhide construction and anatomically contoured suede palm panels give the Biltwell glove a hearty yet comfortable feel. Internal padding adds a level of heightened abrasion resistance, traction and shock isolation, and a 9-ounce fleece tricot half liner helps wick moisture for a better grip. Stitched accordion baffles on index and middle fingers give the rider the flexibility needed to easily access hand controls.

Combo Of Materials

Joe Rocket Mercury Street Gloves

Leather and textile combine for protection and airflow.


Joe Rocket has been a reliable name in the motorcycling game for years, and it’s apparent why with just one look at this glove offering. The Mercury riding gloves are constructed from cowhide for ideal protection, but augmented with textile panels to promote airflow. The index fingertips are touchscreen friendly, so you can accurately use your cellphone or other personal device with the gloves on. Hard knuckle protection and a reinforced palm make the Mercury a go-to selection for those looking for equal amounts of safety and comfort. Stretch panels on all fingers give the rider a level of welcome flexibility that will surely be appreciated throughout the ride.