Accident Scene Management..Because It's Important!

"A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist"

ASMI Bystander Assistance Training Provided by:
Instructors: Cat Hammes RN Lead Instructor
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"This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Wisconsin Nurses Association Continuing Education Approval Program Committee, an accredited approver by th

Don't miss this opportunity to take a class that may save a life! Nationally recognized Accident Scene Management, Inc. is a non-profit organization that teaches motorcyclists what to do at the scene of an accident until help arrives.

This intense course is designed for the average motorcyclist. No prior training is necessary. "BAP" classes have made an impact on over 20,000 motorcyclists! Don't miss your opportunity to learn the specifics of motorcycle trauma care. Rescuer Safety, Assessment & Treatment, Mechanisms of Injury, Good Samaritan Laws are all covered in this seven hour course.

P - Prevent Further Injuries - secure the scene, personal precautions, bike lift, when and how to move the injured

A - Assess the Situation - possible injuries, mechanisms of injury

C - Contact the EMS - how to give good info. that helps get proper help coming

T - Treat the Injured with Life Sustaining Care - ABCSS of trauma - Learn Jaw thrust rescue breathing, when and how to remove a helmet, how to address, external and internal bleeding and what takes priority

Accident Scene Management, Inc. believes that the most likely person to be at the scene of a motorcycle crash is another motorcyclist. Our goals are to reduce severity of injury & fatalities at the scene of a crash through proper actions and reactions. We also expect to make the motorcyclist more aware of how they can protect themselves legally and financially.

Registration: $75.00/person - Class is open to all motorcyclists, Nurses, EMTs. Class fee includes all course materials, Certificate of Completion and 100% embroidered patch (issued upon completion of the course).

It's easy to register: Contact ASMI Lead Instructor [email protected] or 262-617-3839 for further information.

Pre-registration required.

You can make a difference in the lives of others!

Basic class information is based on the D.O.T. First Responder Curriculum

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