9 Top Motorcycle Cleaners

Fall riding means more motorcycle cleaning

The Fall months tend to be upgrade season for some of us motorcycle folks. Whether you're motorcycle is stored away or being ridden in the brisk pre-winter weather, this is prime time to give it a good, thorough cleaning.

Our bikes are made of all kinds of materials, with all kinds of finishes, that get all kinds of gunk in all kinds of places on them. General-purpose bike cleaners and detailers handle a lot of what the road spits on us after a full summer (or long day) of riding but for some jobs, you may want to bust out a specialty product. We've put together a handy list of some really good ones below to bring your bike back from shoddy to shiny.

Top 9 Cleaning Products

Top 9 Cleaning Products

Hot Bike Staff

01. Bel-Ray
Electrical Cleaner

02. Klock Werks
Shine Werks

03. Motorex
Quick Cleaner

04. Tirox
Plastix Matte Finish Cleaner

05. Goof Off
Pro Strength Remover

06. Tub O' Towels
Cleaning Wipes

07. STP
Multipurpose Motor Cleaner stp.com

08. Motorcycle Row
Kwik Wax

09. S100
Total Cycle Cleaner