9 Garage tools for your American V-twin Harley-Davidson

New parts for home garage workshop.

Whether its a Harley-Davidson or an arc welder, grown ups get all the best toys. They're the culmination of all the Hot Wheels, Legos, Erector sets, and other fun stuff we got to play with as kids. What's even better than that? Using some of those grown up toys to work on other grown up toys (which aren't to be confused with ADULT toys, that's a totally different Google search). Playing with the big kid stuff is a huge part of what Hot Bike and custom motorcycles are all about. The only thing almost as fun as riding a motorcycle is putting cool new parts on your motorcycle, or better yet, making them for it yourself. Here's our latest collection of some great tools to keep around the garage not just for working on your bike, but also on general principle.

The Nash Chopper

Nash Motorcycle Co. The Nash Chopper // nash-motorcycles.myshopify.com

Jeff G Holt

Engine Stand

Lowbrow Customs Engine Stand // lowbrowcustoms.com

Jeff G Holt

Ruger Knives 2-Stage Knife

Ruger Knives 2-Stage Knife // crkt.com

Jeff G Holt

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler // yeti.com

Jeff G Holt

Harley-Davidson Premium Tool Kit

Harley-Davidson Premium Tool Kit // harley-davidson.com

Jeff G Holt

Master Lock Disc Brake Lock

Master Lock Disc Brake Lock // masterlock.com

Jeff G Holt

De Walt 20-Volt Max Driver

De Walt 20-Volt Max Driver // dewalt.com

Jeff G Holt

Tirox Chain Cleaner Kit

Tirox Chain Cleaner Kit // tiroxco.com

Jeff G Holt