9 Smart Fabrication Tools That are Geeked

Motorcycle Electronics

Up until recent years, motorcycle electronics meant ignitions, plugs, wiring, lights, and fuel injection. Stereos and all those fun gadgets we like are still recent additions to the aftermarket product family. Hell, the first Hot Bike editor to get an iPod back in 2002 or 03 couldn't wait to lord the "newfangled" music player over his minions. Who can really blame him, though? New toys make ANYONE giddy, am I right? Submitted for your consideration below are nine electronic devices covering a wide range of motorcycle electronics, from ignition to LED lighting and portable chargers for your smart phone so you don't lose the directions to the next gas station. Or you could use this thing called a "map" printed on this other thing called "paper." But hey, you do you...

2000i Ignition

Dynatek 2000i Ignition // dynaonline.com


Jump Starter 44

Weego Jump Starter 44 // myweego.com


LED Headlight

Moon Motorcycle Culture LED Headlight // moonsmc.com


Bluetooth kit

Sena Bluetooth 20S Dual Communication Kit // sena.com


Lever Turn Signals

Radiantz Lever Turn Signals // radiantz.com


Genesis II Taillight

Custom Dynamics Genesis II Taillight // customdynamics.com



Focal Sphear Headphones // focal.com


LED HEadlight

Speed Kings Cycle Supply LED Headlight // speed-kingscycle.com


lithium ion battery

Shorai Lithium Ion Battery