50 Products You Should Not Ride Without

Geared Up!

50 Products You Should Not Ride Without

Is all this really necessary for motorcycle riding? Hopefully not but when you need one of these you REALLY need it.

Words and Photo: Jeff G. Holt

Yes, we are mostly “T-shirt and jeans” types of riders, but when we want to get out on the open highway for a day or so, being prepared should be thought number one.

The first goal of outfitting both you and your bike is to keep you from being stranded, starving, and cold on the side of the road. A rule of thumb is to be prepared for any mechanical issue short of total drivetrain failure and to be ready for 45-degree weather in the a.m. 85 degrees in the p.m. and the enviable sheeting rain that will pour on you when least expected.

We have amassed a list of must-have items for long-distance rides, but remember that no tools or gear are going to be useful if you don't know how to use them, so get your travel kit together and be well versed with all of it before you hit the road.

For You:

First-aid kit


Bee-sting kit



Super glue

Pocket knife

Big-ass knife



Road flares


Emergency blanket

Fire starter

Tyvek raincoat

Second set of gloves

Road maps

Glow sticks

Hand wipes

Waterproof matches

Extra bike key

Cell phone

AAA card

Calling card

$100 bill

For your bike:

Selection of hand tools

Selection of fasteners

Locking pliers

Strap wrench

Spare spark plugs

Tire irons

Tire-repair kit

Tire pump

Tire-pressure gauge

Assorted zip-ties

Safety wire

Electrical tape

Duct tape


J-B weld



Chain lube

Voltage meter

Electrical wire

Spare light bulbs

Selection of fuses

Bungee cords

Siphon hose

Shop rags

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