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5 Apparel Options That Adapt To Any Weather Condition

Our mix of all-season riding gear will work for any riding situation

Any rider can tell you that weather is the Great Unknown when deciding what gear to use for a ride—temperatures can go up and down drastically in any given season, or even in any given day. Now, you can spend a pile of money and waste closet space by purchasing different pieces of riding gear, or you can buy just one item that will adapt to the ever-changing conditions outside. Sure, it’s nice to change things up every now and then, but wouldn’t it be great knowing you have a single garment that can transform into exactly what you need, when you need it?

Can’t decide on purchasing a full-face or open-face helmet? There are always modular helmets that can deliver on both levels.

Shopping around for a vest but also need a jacket? Check out the following convertible jackets that feature easy zip sleeves that can go on when the temps dip, and off when it warms up outside. There are jackets out there that can be configured in a variety of ways to further work with weather at hand, as well as supply personal protection on the road.

Street & Steel Oakland Convertible Riding Jacket

Street & Steel Oakland Convertible Riding Jacket

The current colder weather makes wearing a jacket an absolute necessity this season. But what about when it starts to warm up again in the spring? You won’t feel much like wearing a jacket, especially when the summer temps begin creeping up. If you face the struggle of wanting to be comfortable in all kinds of weather without juggling multiple jackets, check out the Oakland convertible jacket from Street & Steel.

When it’s cold out, the Oakland jacket delivers full-length coverage, but when it starts heating up, you can zip its denim sleeves right off. Yep, that’s right. No need to go ghetto on your jackets by cutting them up when the time comes. You’ll end up regretting taking scissors to one of your favorite jackets, or having to pony up for a vest later on down the line. Make the nominal investment now and allow the Oakland jacket to work for you year-round.

Street & Steel

Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet

The “Mod” here stands for modular, which is a welcome description for riders who want more flexibility from a helmet. Simpson has capitalized on the success of its Bandit helmet variations and have cooked up a lid that offers the same winning design with a level of convenience that is all too appealing to ignore.

A lightweight composite shell and tool-free shield removal make for comfortable and handy features baked in to the Mod Bandit. The modular helmet offers great ventilation, and has integrated mic and speaker pockets to optimize communication capabilities. The Mod Bandit offers full-face coverage when it’s needed and the breezy nature of an open-face lid when temps call for it.

Simpson Helmets

Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

The Patrol jacket from Fly Racing definitely deserves the “convertible” title, as it can be configured in a variety of different ways. It’s the convenience and easy changeability that makes a jacket like this handy in all conditions, not just when it’s “jacket season.”

To better accommodate for the constant changing of the weather, the sleeves quickly zip off, and multiple vents (intake and exhaust ports) offer customizable ventilation when you feel the need to air out. When the weather is cool, a ventilated liner allows your body to breathe while it’s bundled up for warmth. The Patrol jacket also offers a ton of storage options, with two upper and two lower cargo pockets. Abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty elbow panels will ensure this thing lasts a while and can take some abuse in that time.

Fly Racing

Klim 3.0 Glove Liner

Klim 3.0 Glove Liner

Increase the versatility of your existing riding gloves with Klim’s 3.0 glove liners. These babies add Windstopper protection, which ultimately adds extra warmth while increasing benefits to the overall feel of your exterior gloves.

Aside from locking in body heat and blocking out wind chill, the 3.0 glove liners also boast a silicone grip and e-touch pads on the fingertips. To take full advantage of these liners, simply replace the existing fleece liners of Klim Gore-Tex gloves, or throw them into any larger-fitting non-insulated gloves for superior warmth and comfort.


Alpinestars Stella Women’s Andes Pro Drystar Waterproof Touring Jacket

Alpinestars Stella Women’s Andes Pro Drystar Waterproof Touring Jacket

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to Alpinestars’ Stella Andes Pro Drystar jacket for women riders. It offers all-weather performance, is 100-percent waterproof, and is compatible with Alpinestars’ active airbag protection system, Tech-Air, for supreme protection.

A removable long-sleeve thermal liner delivers comfort on hot days as well as cold ones, and the jacket features direct chest air intakes and rear exhaust vents to let the breeze in with just a couple of quick zips. Now, this jacket is also compatible with Alpinestars’ Tech-Air airbag system (sold separately), which installs easily in a few minutes. When the Tech-Air sensors detect a crash, the system deploys a protective airbag to protect the rider’s full back, shoulders, kidney area, and chest. We told you this jacket is versatile!



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