5-3/4” Motorcycle Headlight LED Inserts

Custom lighting to better see & be seen

When you ride motorcycles, car folk have this tendency not to see you. Anything to get you noticed can be a lifesaver. It's even worse at night, when the cloak of darkness kicks in and makes it even worse. That's part of why LED based lamps are getting more and more popular on vehicles and yes, on motorcycles, too. These LED inserts available through World Wide Cycles show that you can maintain traditional optics and still emphasize your headlights nicely. Clear polycarbonate lenses and a chrome-colored edging mark the appearance, whereas high quality LEDs, high luminous power and clearly marked light and shade borders are the inner values of these inserts. And of course a considerably extended lifespan, compared to filament bulbs.

Harley LED headlight insert

I could say that getting a LED headlight insert is a bright idea but I won't because I hate puns.

Courtesy of World Wide Cycles

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