Great Motorcycle Backpacks For All Riding Types

Our Choices from Ogio, Chrome, and Velomacchi

Motorcycle backpacks, carry systems, grab bags, or whatever you want to call them are pretty much essential for those of us on two wheels. Whether you're commuting to work on your motorcycle during the week or taking a weekend trek with friends on your new Harley Softail or Indian Scout Bobber, backpacks definitely come in handy and can make or break the trip if you're not equipped with saddlebags. But not all backpacks satisfy every requirement. Some are waterproof, some are cargo-capacity friendly, some are tech savvy, and some are total turds. We found some great options for all motorcycle dudes out there who are in the market for a great new backpack for getting around with your gear.

Ogio All Elements and Velomacchi Speedway Backpack

Ogio All Elements (left) and Velomacchi Speedway Backpack (right).

Jeff Allen

Ogio’s All Elements backpack is ideal for those in temperate climates. This probably isn’t the pack for SoCal dwellers, but for the Pacific Northwest—or other wet climates—the All Elements pack is right as…rain! Whether you’re an everyday commuter or a weekend warrior, the waterproof material and roll-top construction locks out moisture to keep your gear nice and dry. Accessing belongings is easy thanks to the water-resistant front zippered pocket. For comfort, shoulder straps are great for long bouts in the saddle, and the adjustable sternum strap ensures security. When you want to keep your gear dry and portable, the All Elements backpack is a good choice.

Velomacchi Giro Backpack 35L

Watertight main compartment, room for a laptop, abrasion resistant and stable at high speeds


We’re really digging the style of Velomacchi’s 35Lroll-top backpack, a larger version of Velomacchi’s 28L roll-top pack. The 35L is a watertight, versatile backpack that carries enough gear for at least a two-day trek. The 35L keeps your baggage close to your center of gravity and distributes the weight off of your shoulders, allowing for a more comfortable ride too. Watertight main compartment, room for a laptop, abrasion resistant and stable at high speeds. Overall, we like this one when in a hurry to get to and fro.

Chrome Industries Vega Brief Laptop Bag 3-Way Carry Briefcase 15 Liter Ranger

For those who like to stay organized.


Looking for efficiency? Meet the Chrome Industries Vega Brief Laptop Bag. This portable pack was designed for Type A personalities who like to overorganize. The main storage area cradles your 13-inch laptop, 10-inch tablet, and much more, but the interior sleeve’s Grid-It pocket features a unique storage system (a rubberized woven elastic object-retention system for gadget organization) that allows you to cinch down belongings to keep them organized. With water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers, everything inside stays safe and dry. The adjustable shoulder straps, minimalist design, and gunmetal hardware supply plenty of comfort and style. The Slim S also fits comfortably in a Harley-Davidson or Indian saddlebag with room for more gear.

Chrome Macheto Travel Pack Small

Boxy-looking pack that’s great for extended travel


The Chrome Macheto is great because it’s a solid, boxy-looking pack that’s great for extended travel (almost like a large nylon briefcase) but it converts to backpack on the fly. The simple travel pack will keep your favorite ripped ’80s hair-metal tees, accompanying spandex pants, and multiple cans of Aqua Net organized in one compartment, and your gadgets and gizmos can be stashed in another for easy access when you have to pull off the road to see if that special someone liked your Instagram post. Shoulder straps can be easily accessed, so you can switch things up and rock it like a backpack on long hauls. Or, simply bungee it down to your passenger seat or cinch it to your luggage rack and you’re good to go. The best part? The travel pack is guaranteed for life.