2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Walkaround

Get up close to see and hear H-D’s new power cruiser

I think good design should be polarizing. Love it or hate it, but don’t gimme this “meh” bologna. The newest model from Harley-Davidson, the FXDR 114, is currently stirring up everyone’s pot with a totally different look than the rest of the Softail line. There seem to be some modern flat-track-inspired cues in the paint and the tailsection, but obvious drag racing inspiration in the rake and rear tire. Some people love it, others…will need a little more time to get used to it. For us, it’s nice to see the motor company trying something a little different, and after riding it, it’s hard not to like.

The FXDR is a fast bike, and it’s supposed to look that way. Maybe the designers pulled from a little too many sources for inspiration, but with a little bit of customization, it’s easy to change up the lines.

Check the link to hear all about our first ride and what we think of the new FXDR 114!