2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Seat Removal

Simple, right? Yes, but not obvious. Here’s the easy way to remove your FXDR 114’s saddle.

The seat removal process on a motorcycle may seem like basic beginner tech work, but with the new FXDR 114, the task is a bit different than on other Harley-Davidsons. The job is still extremely easy, but since the FXDR is unique from all the other Harley models out there (with their exposed seat screws), we figured we would show new owners who might not be clued in the quick, simple process. The task is easy, with only one tool needed, either a 7/16-inch wrench or socket.

Start the process by removing the rear cowl; simply pull it up in the rear and then slide it back, in that order. (The cowl is held in place by one grommet and post in the rear and a tongued system up front, hence these steps.) With the rear cowl off and out of the way, the two bolts holding the seat to the frame are now exposed. Remove those two bolts using the 7/16-inch wrench or socket and, as before, lift the rear up and slide it back.

master wrench set

Looking for a new wrench set? This one has the 7/16-inch wrench needed for this particular job plus 14 more pieces, as well as a rollup storage bag.


As a side note, there is a small compartment for storage underneath the rear cowl. It isn’t much, but it makes for a handy place to stash any documents such as registration or proof of insurance. If you are ever pulled over, it’s nice to have that access without needing any tools. We tested the space, and a hat will fit in there too—as long as you don’t have one with a flat bill like all the young hooligans do.