2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 Clip-On Handlebar Adjustment

How to reposition your new FXDR’s handlebars

Making small adjustments to your motorcycle can help improve your overall riding position on the bike. Tiny tweaks here and there can make a world of difference, and with Harley’s 2019 FXDR, it probably should be mandatory. In the case of the FXDR, however, you don’t have a lot of room for adjustments up at the handlebar, but there is an easy way to change it up a tiny bit.

The FXDR differs from the rest of the H-D models in its handlebar setup. On all other Harleys the bar is a one-piece unit attached to a riser system. That riser system is attached to the upper tree and the unit clamps the bar in with a top riser clamp. The FXDR features a completely different setup; it’s equipped with clip-on-style handlebars, a system commonly used on sportbikes. The clip-on style has two separate bar units that clamp over the fork tube and rest on top of the upper triple tree.

torx tool set

A 60-piece Torx set will give you the necessary T45 bit as well as any other size you could ever need on your Harley.


There is room for minor adjustment in either direction with the clip-on bar. The adjustment is super simple and only requires a T45 bit. Just below where the clip-on goes around the fork tube is where you’ll locate a Torx size 45 bolt. The only step here is to loosen the T45 a bit and move the bar to its new location. With clip-ons, you have to adjust each bar independently so be sure to compare each bar’s new position to the other so they’re even, and your arms aren’t out of whack with each other. If you are pulling the bars in closer, be sure to turn them to full lock left and right carefully, to make sure the new position won’t make contact with the tank.